Protest draws 50 looking to stop turbine at CAW

By Patrick Bales, Owen Sound Sun Times
PORT ELGIN – A two-hour protest outside the CAW Family Education Centre Friday morning was the latest in a series of actions by local residents to show their disapproval for a wind turbine slated to be constructed on the property. Approximately 50 people braved a crisp morning to picket outside the union owned and operated facility. While the majority were residents of Saugeen Shores, some ardent opponents of industrial wind turbines travelled from as far away as Erin to be part of the protest. Read article

10 thoughts on “Protest draws 50 looking to stop turbine at CAW

  1. This is the response you get when even one IWT threat appears in a town or an urban setting. IWTs are ok in rural areas and the Great Lakes but not in towns. Sorry, but IWTs have been deemed safe by the present government as close as 100 meters to receptor dwellings. So they are now safe and acceptable in urban settings.

    • At around 100 meters there should be plenty of room for a lot more than 3,000 IWTs in the GTA.

  2. Title:
    Cash strapped CAW – starts –
    Educational Program around Green Energy!

    Duet duo – Lewenza/Yardy – sing ‘Welcome to ‘Green Education’.

    “We’re really excited about the fact that we can put together an educational program around green energy (and) around good green jobs for the community,” she said. “That’s part and parcel to what we’re doing, in addition to reducing our carbon footprint more broadly. We think that’s really exciting.”

    Yardy to give ‘Green speech’ – Soon!

    The opportunities, she continued, have not been as expressed as well as the challenges to the project from concerned citizens. She hopes this will change as the CAW opens up a new dialogue with stakeholders in the community.

    Oops! ‘Valid Concerns’ –
    -time to bake ‘chocolate chip cookies’ – and perk some coffee!

    “When the permit process started eight years ago, we did have consultations with the community,” she said. However she empathized with several residents who do not believe the CAW has been as forthcoming as they should have been in the immediate past. “I think there are some valid concerns in that we didn’t do some outreach last week, or the week before… We’re really happy we’re doing it now, in response to this.”

    Believe it – or Not!
    McGuinty gets help from CAW –
    looking for emerging – ‘Green Jobs’ –
    whatever/wherever they are!

    [group laugh] – smelling the coffee!
    p.s. She said what? “We’re really happy we’re doing it now, in response to this.”
    p.p.s. I thing she’s referring to the – ‘outrage’.

  3. Retired spouse, member of Local 1285, Bramalea will bring this matter to the attention of Mr. Lewenza at the retirees Christmas lunch next week.
    Spouse is disgusted as are other union members by the threat of this turbine. CAW has always been front and centre when health and safety are an issue.

    • Thanks. You are the first CAW person I know of to have the courage to say to Ken that this turbine is just not right in this location. Our newly formed residents group Saugeen Turbine Operation Policy ( S.T.O.P.) is not anti wind nor anti CAW we just want our families health and safety respected. Over 100 neighbouring homes lie inside the government’s 550 metre health and safety setback. The CAW has chosen not to abide by this simply because it’s application was done in 2005 before these safety laws were in place. In 2005 when the neighbours supported this project there was no information about serious health effects. This turbine could easily be located on the 80 acre CAW owned property 1.25 miles ( 2 minute drive) to the north of the Family Education Centre. Members could be taken by shuttle bus to view the turbine and the adjacent nature preserve also on this property after classes at the centre. Instead people are now faced with the prospect of living in fear for their health. Seniors living close by are being advised by their condo boards to have baseline health checks done now so they will be in a position to sue for health problems later. It’s a shocking legacy and our group feels that if the membership only knew they too would be digusted and raise their voices to the National Executive. We are going to contact every local by email hoping this starts a grassroots movement to oppose this injustice.
      To rub salt in the wound the original intent as told to residents was for the centre to use the power. But in 2010 the CAW was granted a FITT Contract thus enabling them to SELL THE POWER TO THE GRID AT A PROFIT. So this turbine does not have to be at the CAW Family Centre at all for the CAW to make the same income. But still they refuse to delay the project, evaluate all the new medical evidence and consider other options. After our recent peaceful protest this week we were invited in to meet with a CAW representative who when asked had not heard of any of the new health related evidence now available to the public. Thanks again.

      yours truly,
      Greg Schmalz
      114 Shipley Ave.(across from the main entrance)
      519 389 3079

      • It’s B.S that the CAW want to use this eyesore as an educational “tool”.. All they have to do , is look to the south right in their own back yard and see the hundred or so eyesores that are located there.Why do you need to build another one so close??.!! Now,, there’s an education in itself !!!

  4. They have a feed in tariff contract and are off setting costs with selling to the grid. The turbine does not need to be located there. It is a symbol of their green initiatives. They could place it anywhere and feed the grid but they chose the residential resort area as a showpiece.for their educational programs. Printed in the Windsor Star “Dean Fowler, the director of the Family Education Centre, said residents have nothing to worry about. “We feel comfortable with it, with the government giving us the blessing. That’s what we’re basing it on,” he said. “We’ve done our studying and our homework and we’re pretty confident.”
    The government giving them the blessing, are you kidding me. You have Town Council and neighbours opposing the siting too close to residents homes and you have the blessing of the government?

  5. Showpiece! If they want to look at IWTs while at the Family Education Centre, they need only look out the window, there are lots of the them to the south. In the Windsor Star there is a comment that the lot is “small”, but they fail to mention the large vacant lot the CAW owns 2-3 kms south of the Education Centre.

  6. Great plan. The retirees have no fear of reprisal unlike membership in general and the CAW center employees. I have signs and banners and am suggesting we try to organize some cars to go down and picket peacefully on the sidewalk. I will be there with a car load and get our media people in touch with Toronto Star who covered us last week.
    I can get more lawn signs made at Cora Computers if people want them. Email me at to get on the lawn sign list.
    Also the idea of someone always bbeing outside the CAW RD. gate where the construction will be is a great idea. Maybe someone could organise the duty rooster to cover this off. Again I have the SHAME ON YOU CAW signs at my house.
    Greg Schmalz 114 Shipley Ave. ( across from the main gate)

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