Response from CAW – Full Steam Ahead

New Facebook Page: STOP CAW Wind Turbine

Read Full Press Release  While the technical and legal issues of this project have long been resolved, the CAW has committed to do the following going forward:

  • coordinate the formation of a committee comprised of CAW officials, municipal officials and community representatives to share information and concerns.
  • set up an email address that people can send questions to at:
  • develop safe operating policies and procedures that will be strictly adhered to and available for staff and public review.

7 thoughts on “Response from CAW – Full Steam Ahead

  1. Playbook!
    An excited fan!
    Agenda 21 aka Smart Growth aka Sustainability!
    Problem: There will be ‘winners’ and ‘losers’!

    “This project is an exciting educational opportunity to understand renewable energy resources that will help reduce our carbon footprint, while meeting our energy needs,” said CAW National President Ken Lewenza. “It’s an also an important chance to support local procurement policies that will ensure good jobs in an emerging green economy.”

    Read more:

    p.s. Speechless! But – who cares?

    • As industrial production declines so does industrail union membership. They go hand-in hand.
      The worldwide “green” objective is to cause a decline in industrial production. Industrial unions would have provided a great deal of resistance to this policy so they had to be brought on board so the objective of sustainability could be acheived.

  2. The OMB hearing was in 2007 and the size of the project was for 600kw turbine. Adverse health effects from wind turbines was not discussed in the OMB decision. In 2009 there was an amendment to the certificate of approval for a 800kw turbine six months before the regulations were enacted. More than 2 years passed before they obtained the building permit in October 2011. This is a political statement and nothing more. The press release must have been written by the green lobby because it is so inacurrate and misleading.

  3. no set backs no negotiations just say NO TURBINES PERIOD DO THEY NOT HEAR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .If we want jobs stop sending them to china

  4. The CAW PR team is in full swing offering the olive branch to protesters to come in out of the cold to talk to them. About what? Ken says the CAW has been working hard to allay the concerns of the public – only one way to do that Ken – put it up in a location that meets minimum current health and safety laws. Ken then thanks his friends at MOE for the approval. ( same unelected friends that McGinty, who came to the Auto/CAW rescue with $6 B of our money, appointed to take control of wind turbines away from Municipalities – so Ken you’re really doing the turbine as payback thanks for McGinty’s auto help thus supporting his wind dream. And in return you pump some much needed green wind into a deflating CAW. McGinty tells MOE to grease you a permit even though it wouldn’t be allowed today, Samsung covers the cost of the turbine for the CAW and in return they get a wind energy sales team with a teaching facility.) Ken says to us it’s full steam ahead but we’ll offer to set up a lame committee, set up an email depository for pulic questions and offer to develop safe practises for our CAW staff to run the turbine.
    It’s scratch your back politics but the real evil is the perpetrator mascarades as a champion of peoples health and safety. If only the 200,000 member strong union brotherhood would awaken from it’s slumber…

    • There are plenty of union members who understand the situation and why their numbers are declning but are afraid to speak out. Retired members can speak out.

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