Is this Zwig’s ace in the hole?

The Chronicle Journal
JUST when you thought he was down and maybe even out, Anthony Zwig bounces back. The indefatigable and at times irascible president of Horizon Wind Inc., has been a divisive tour de force in Thunder Bay. His proposal to build a series of industrial wind turbines on top of a Nor’Wester mountain caught city council’s fancy but quickly generated fierce opposition in the neighbourhood down below. Well organized and plugged into other anti-wind energy groups, the Nor’Wester Mountain Escarpment Protection Committee has hounded Zwig and the council over potential health, noise, environmental and property value issues. The council tried to get him to move some turbine locations and he promptly threatened to sue the municipality.  Read article

11 thoughts on “Is this Zwig’s ace in the hole?

  1. People involved in the renewable energy industry are trying to sell pipe dreams to Ontrians.
    The US wind and solar boom is run on subsidies and tax breaks and will fold overnight when the US government money runs out. The solar panel production is owned by China and China is now expanding into IWT production as well.
    Jobless people can be sold anyting if they have not done their homework.

  2. Is there no-one in Thunder Bay, not Zwig, not an MPP , not the writer for the Chronicle Journal, who looks around and sees the writing on the wall ?
    Gentlemen, the jig is up: the wind turbine industry, worldwide, has started an accelerating slide into oblivion, governments pushing this insane initiative are going broke all over the place and are being voted out of office, no CO2 is being “saved” by wind turbines, CO2 is not the major factor in global warming anyway. There are only temporary make-work jobs in this enterprise, and these can’t last any longer than the government’s empty coffers can finance deficits. That’s why investment in wind is way down. Add the health issue, the lawsuits already filed and the threat of
    many more to come, the shellacking that the Liberals got in the provincial election wherever turbines exist or are planned and I ask: What is it that the majority of city folk, a large part of the media and virtually all Ontario Liberal politicians don’t get… or pretend not to get?

  3. Let this be an object lesson to all who are content to simply to foist IWT on some other place rather than fighting ALL on the legitimate grounds that they are NOT GOOD OR GREEN. Stand united on that scientifically demonstrable fact and we can all win; persist in quibbling about placement of this evil and we all lose.

    The Gorgon’s head must be severed from its body, hacking at individual snake heads gives others time to keep biting. Every supposed ally who suggests IWTs be “properly sited” is yielding ground to the enemy.

    Greed Energy just keeps writhing about powerfully because it can distract from weak arguments with bribes and politics.

    DO NOT TRY TO SEND TORONTO TRASH TO NORTHERN ONTARIO! There are people here too even in remote areas where the minimally impacted ecosystems are of more service to the planet in a healthy resilient state, without the fragmentation of turbines and transmission corridors to the south. Suggesting that IWT be placed here reveals a disgraceful lack of awareness of ecological principles.

  4. There is no logical place for wasteful IWTs. What does a million dollars in the business world buy? A few trucks, a warehouse rental and a few computers? A business dependent on another risky heavily subsidized business does not make a sustainable business. More taxpayer’s money would be needed to subsidize yet another wind company to produce something we do not need. If jobs are needed it would be cheaper to pay people directly than to have it laundered through sleazy wind companies. Zwig is trying to generate support by keeping this garbage in print. Why would any community want anything to do with an outsider like Zwig? Why would a newspaper re-run a story that did not generate much interest the first time? Enough is enough.

  5. Mr. Zwig:
    [excerpt] ‘he promptly threatened to sue the municipality.’

    My question is:
    Sue the municipality for what?

    [excerpt] Then came the letter. Released during the provincial election by embattled Liberal MPP Bill Mauro, a letter from then-Natural Resources minister Linda Jeffrey seemed to scuttle any chance Zwig had of overcoming tough provincial law protecting Peregrine falcons which thrive all along the Nor’Westers.
    Jeffrey wrote: “ . . . based on the material provided to me by the ministry as well as my knowledge of the project location, I don’t know how the proponent could satisfy the conditions to allow my ministry to issue a permit to allow the project to proceed. I have serious concerns about the effect the proposed project could potentially have on the recovery of Peregrine falcons in Ontario. I am not prepared to issue a permit at this time, nor do I understand how a permit could be issued for this site.”
    Asked about this in a weekend interview with The Chronicle-Journal, Zwig seemed unfazed. He insisted negotiations with MNR continue and expressed confidence Horizon’s application would satisfy requirements of the Endangered Species Act.

    • ……….further to my comment above……….
      Two separate issues!

      This scenario (below) –
      should not move Mr. Zwig’s wind project forward!

      [excerpt] We can only imagine the smile on Zwig’s face when news of this potential industry hit our front page.
      Thunder Bay needs jobs and 25 new ones would likely be just the start based on the growing North American wind farm industry. Thunder Bay needs new industrial development in the face of the collapse of much of the forest industry. The province is encouraging any commercial venture into alternative energy to locate here as the government strives to position Ontario as a world green leader.
      Fabrication Delta says it wants to set up a million-dollar plant to build wind towers based initially on the growing wind energy sector around Thunder Bay. The company is also involved in manufacturing components for the mining industry which is about to boom again in the Northwest.

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