Open letter to CAW from retired member and activist

Brothers and Sisters,
Many of you know me and for those who don’t, I’m a retired CAW member who spent 38 years in two different CAW represented workplaces (Allied Chemical and Chrysler Corp.). Many of those years were spent in leadership positions, Plant Chair for nine years, Health and Safety Committees, NTC Instructor and for a short time before my retirement, a Collective Bargaining Instructor (LUDL) at Port Elgin.

I feel forced to write this letter to the Leadership because I have become APPALLED at the position my union has taken on the issue of the Industrial Wind Turbine installation at the Port Elgin Education Center.

Since application for Approval in 2005 the CAW has had ample time to educate itself and its members on the downside of the Industrial Wind Industry, the hazards involved with installing them too close to human residences and the fraudulence in the claims of the industry and the government backing it. You have not done yourselves or the membership credit by ignoring this issue.

I ask you to please check out the WCO website and read some of the testimonials from affected residents from not only Ontario but around the world. Contrary to what some well known individuals with their own agendas have said, this organization is totally grassroots with no connection to any industry, and certainly not NIMBY’s, just people caring about their fellow human beings.

Rural Ontario has been invaded by carpetbaggers disguised as green saviours of the planet. Industrial wind turbines are not green, they work intermittently, need full time fossil fuel backup and in many cases will never offset even the C02 emitted in the manufacture of their parts and the thousands of tons of cement that goes into their bases.

As human rights activists, the CAW should be concerned about the environmental devastation taking place in China where the rare earth minerals needed for the magnets in wind generators are being mined. The so-called environmentalists within the Union know of this issue but choose to ignore it.

Dozens of homes have been abandoned in rural Ontario because of illness caused from noise, vibration and infrasound from Turbines located too close to residences, but again our Union instead of standing up for these residents choose to buy into CANWEA’s propaganda that wind turbines are benign.

I have 33 (2MW) turbines near my home, the closest being about 1500 meters away and when the wind is heavy at night from the west my ears are plugged and my head feels like it’s going to explode. There are dozens of documented cases much worse than mine across Ontario but our Government chooses to ignore the issue because they’re too damn deep in bed with CANWEA.

I find it ironic that the CAW education programs talk of the evils of multi-national corporate lobbyists having too much influence on our Governments and then support the corruption and collusion that has taken place between CANWEA’s lobbyists and the Liberal Government.

It’s time that our Union recognizes that we are being led down a path of energy poverty. Where are our manufacturing plants going to be when energy prices drive them out of the Country?  What will our Environment committees say when our membership is out of work and can’t pay their hydro bills?  Get a job in the Green Energy Industry?  It’s past time that our environmental committee’s realized this is the real world not Disney World.

Look closely at the devastation taking place in European countries that bought into the so called Green Energy Industries propaganda 30 years ago.  They have lost much of their traditional manufacturing base, unemployment has skyrocketed and many are so far in debt they are on the verge of being swallowed up by the World Bank.  Ontario is following this same path of destruction.

Sincerely and in Solidarity
Bill Anderson

12 thoughts on “Open letter to CAW from retired member and activist

  1. Thanks Bill, you just proved that plenty of union members have done their homework on the “green” agenda and are tired of being done out of their jobs by uninformed union leaders and a small bunch of activists in the unions.

  2. This extremely well written, well researched letter says it all.
    Over to you, CAW.
    Thanks Bill.

  3. Excellent letter. It says it all! Perhaps other members of the CAW feel the same way and need to speak out!

  4. If this letter doesn’t make the CAW sit up and take notice, they have totally lost all touch with humanity…An Extremely well written letter, Mr. Anderson… hat’s off to you, sir …

    • Yes, it is all of that…but, have you ever heard the expression “Pearls before swine…” ???

      IOW — don’t hold your breath waiting for a change.

      How about “Money before Health Studies!” the new motto of “fill in your least favorite group here”.

      • Good expression David but I also believe in “speak up” and down the road you can at least say “I told you so”. Damn shame that otherwise intelligent people get mesmerized by the Mantra from the Gods of Green.

  5. Why would anyone be “foolish” enough to promote a product that costs people at least 3 times more than necessary , is inefficient , destroys rural scenic beauty and cost even more by requiring partnered power ?
    It is insanity … you sell your own family out for heavens sakes.

  6. Thank you Mr. Anderson. Have you confronted K. Lewenza in person? CAW membership should mean something. Spouse found very brief meeting at the retirees luncheon on Wednesday unsatisfactory, because Mr. Lewenza adopted a very antagonistic and belligerent attitude when turbine was mentioned before he hurried off to catch his plane to Ottawa. Spouse’s assessment of encounter with Mr. Lewenza had heard it all before. Mr. Lewenza probably saw the one sign “Health studies before turbines” when he arrived and that was probably why he asked spouse was he “part of the Pt. Elgin gang”, One attendee bystander witnessing the exchange between spouse and K. Lewenza said spouse “had put his thumb on a very sore spot and in his opinion Ken wishes he’d never heard of turbines or got involved with them”..
    Where to go from here?

    • Sandra, I have spoken to Ken personally, actually I spoke of the issues surrounding the Wind Industry at a membership meeting when Ken was the President of my local, Then as now anti-wind sentiment was not very well accepted. I fear that even when the majority of the membership recognizes that the Industry is nothing but a huge scam the Leadership will not admit they were suckered. We are not well known as a Union that ever backs down from a decision made, even when it was made in good faith with bad information. Too many followers and not enough people in high places that will actually think for themselves and speak out.

    • Sandra it’s nice to know the our residents group S.T.O.P. has a pet name given by Ken – the Port Elgin gang and good to know we are getting under his skin. Sorry Ken brushed you off at the retirees Christmas luncheon. If we were outfront that day with our signs and banners as planned no saying what he would have done.You don’t want to be a retiree here living in the 550 metre setback and getting baseline medicals so you can sue when you are sick.
      Last nite in a last minute effort in less than 2 hours 3 of our neighbours got 161 signatures in Town with only 2 people saying they prefer not to sign. They were couriered this morning to our Conservative MPP for a private members motion. Our town is enraged at the CAW bullying tactics and their absolute refusal to meet and discuss infrasound health effects. Instead he posts a 2 page Q & A report on the CAW web site making everything look perfect here in Disneyland. Every point our group made in the last 2 weeks in the media his PR machine twisted like a pretzel. He hasn’t met us yet the press release says they have had extensive consultations to allay the concerns of the residents and I live
      across the street from the Main Entrance as you know.

      Greg Schmalz
      follow us on Facebook at STOPTHE CAW WIND TURBINE and sign our online petition at or email us at

  7. Hi Greg
    It’s the same problem all over Ontario. The LIBERALS don’t listen. It’s a sad, sad day when Herr Lewenza joined forces with Herr McGuinty’s Liberals. Something akin with Herr Hitler joining forces with Her Goebbels. The Liberals have their own agenda. Our MPP (Mr. Ted Arnott) has done a lot for Wellington taking pages and pages of signed petitions to Queen’s Park only to be ignored. When a delegation of protesters attended the Legislature last spring, Mr. McGuinty was present in the a.m. noticeably absent in the p.m. when we turned up to be escorted outside, coatless, when one of us spoke up because of health problems experienced by herself and her family caused by IWT’s. Lewenza has sunk a lot of $’s into green energy and if you ask me he’s better cutting his losses. I feel sorry for the membership’s finances being wasted like this.
    Maybe, when your MPP presents his petition members of the community should be in attendance. But remember, be like mice, shh not a sound.
    As far as the CAW is concerned, the way to go is “Health and Safety Issues”.

  8. Its pathetic that a union takes a stand like this. The Emperor has no clothes comes to mind. Putting the very people meant to be protected against the machine in the line of fire. The CAW is riding a bulldozer right over us, all the residents in the area. I canvased a large portion of Port Elgin tonight and was amazed at the overwhelming outrage. I have never met more people united against a cause so passionately. The CAW is going to be mud in this town. A tarnished image of a former great neighbour. I am beyond words to describe how hypocritical this union really is, it is very very sad. Shame on you. CAW
    Paul Krane

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