Open Letter to Dean Fowler and Ken Lewenza from resident

by Cindy Lindsay, Shoreline Beacon
Dear Mr. Fowler and Mr. Lewenza,
I am sure you are inundated with emails regarding the construction of the wind turbine at the CAW Family Education Centre. I trust you will take a moment to read my message to you.  Read article

4 thoughts on “Open Letter to Dean Fowler and Ken Lewenza from resident

  1. You make some very excellent points in the letter and hopefully the CAW will pay attention. There is one point on which I must strongly disagree. You mention they should buy ‘green’ energy from Bullfrog. Unfortunately, because of Bullfrog’s heavy promotion of wind power, this company cannot be considered as environmentally friendly. Wind power has a huge negative impact on the environment and relies heavily on govenment subsidies, making you pay even more for power.

    Don’t get me wrong, believe we need to move to more envrionmentally sustainable power sources but huge wind farms are not the answer. We need to move to smaller, local sources and not rely on these huge developments that only cost the consumer much more than we can afford.

  2. S.T.O.P. is organizing a peaceful rally and protest march Saturday Dec. 3 rd. as a show of public force at our disgust with the tactics of the CAW as they ignore us and our legal team pushing ahead with plans to build the wind turbine. The march will rally at the Town’s Works yard at the SE corner of Hwy 21 and the Caw Rd. at 10:00 am and march down to the CAW get where the original protest was held.

    The CAW continue to ignore the pleas of our community’s health and quality of life issues while posting propaganda on their web site and to their membership touting their efforts to set up new communication to allay the residents’ concerns all the while pushing forward with building plans. As a resident’s opposition organization we have not been contacted just copied on the CAW web site press releases.

    Doris Dumais, MOE Director has directly contacted the Beacher’s Association and a local resident offering to meet within the next 2 weeks and asking for a meeting agenda as she reviews a new noise report. She continues to not respond to our lawyers’ demand to revoke the CAW permit to build. An email blitz is underway to her at . She can stop it if Premier McGinty will let her. But remember she is not an elected representative and her boss is McGinty who bailed out the auto industry with $ 6 Billion of our money. So the CAW owes him a big favour and have offered to be his sales team making their teaching facility his new Wind University. The CAW has told Doris Dumais they will reduce the output of their Enercon E48 turbine so that the AUDIBLE noise levels will be below 102 dB A which correlates to 95 % output. This automatically frees them from obeying the government ‘s 550 metre safety setback thus allowing them to push forward with their plan putting the turbine as close as 200 metres from 100 family’s homes. It makes them look like they are the good guys and we the residents are not justified in our protest. This last minute CAW offer to dial back the wind turbine output would appear to make Doris Dumais’ re-approval decision much easier. The CAW and the MOE will NOT talk about inaudible infrasound measured in dB G because it’s the sound you can’t hear and the sound that makes people sick. Normal sound noise like blade swoosh that you can hear is annoying put doesn’t make you sick. Since the government has no health laws to protect people from the effects of infrasound the CAW hide behind that technicality and don’t have to talk about it or be held accountable at law for generating it. If laws were to be put in place it would seriously hamper the governments own wind initiative. Even our local MOE guys from Owen Sound who were doing site drive bys this week confirmed they can only respond to problems AFTER the turbine is built. They have no infrasound dB G detection equipment so good luck calling them at 3:30 am when you’re dizzy, have a splitting headache and can’t sleep. Or you could email the CAW help line they are setting up as part of their new resident concern program.

    The CAW Public Relations spin posted on it’s web site is insulting and continues to state there is no documented scientific studies linking turbines to health problems. They purposely ignore any and all of the new documented scientific studies that clearly show inaudible infrasound causes dizziness, vertigo, nausea, headaches and chronic sleeplessness. They refuse to answer S.T.O.P.’s demands to talk to us about infrasound.

    Our group hammered home a point in the media that the CAW own 128 acres of vacant bush land a 2 minute drive south from their Family Education Center at the corner of the B Line and the 4th Concession. This could be an alternate turbine site. People being brought to the CAW teaching facility to learn about green energy could simply be shuttle bussed to see the turbine and while there walk the designated nature preserve. Ken’s answer to that posted as a Q & A on their site says that this land was considered but “it was determined that the land was too environmentally sensitive and could not accommodate a wind turbine.” He goes on to say “ the current location for the turbine was picked because it minimized the impact of noise output and was far enough away from residential property.” WHAT!!!

    So the trees and scrub brush are more sensitive than 100 families’ health and quality of life concerns. What Ken won’t post about this alternate 128 acre site is that the CAW has a draft plan of subdivision approved severing off prime residential building lots on the B Line and on Saugeen Beach Rd. which go sale on the market shortly at $125,000 each giving CAW employees first dibs. So of course he doesn’t want it there. This will raise 2 MILLION DOLLARS enough to pay for the turbine on top of their FIT Contract income selling power for profit at 3 times what BRUCE POWER gets. What a slap in the face to Bruce Power our community’s largest employer. The FIT Contract was applied for after all the public consultation process with neighbouring residents was finished. In the public process residents were clearly told in a nice glossy brochure that all the electricity will be used by the Family Education Center replacing the power it currently buys. If residents had known it was the CAW’s intention to operate a for profit industrial enterprise it never would have passed nor would the Town have granted zoning when forced by the OMB. Pure deception simply glossed over in the CAW press release as community consultation and simply qualifying for the government’s tax payer subsidized FIT Program like any wind developer has the right to. So CAW you are a for profit wind developer making money at the expense of 100 families health and an entire community’s quality of life.

    Duncan Hawthorne, CEO Bruce Power, can you not come out and take a position on this issue? We need high profile help. Our group has contacted Erin Brockovich the famous international people’s health and safety advocate, Global TV’s 16:9 investigative program and Zoomer Radio’s Goldhawk who a year ago did a show on the evils of infrasound. His guest, an reknowned specialist in the human ear and infrasound, had just finished an international scientific meeting here, the kind the CAW deny exist. His summary was you would have to be insane to live within 550 metres of a wind turbine. Hear Goldhawk’s 23 minute interview by going to our Facebook page STOP THE CAW TURBINE where we have it posted.

    Next week we will post in our new office the whole site plan for the turbine. I wonder if the kid’s baseball league knows they are a footnote on this plan as “a sign will be posted at the backstop of baseball field #2 informing people of the potential for shadow flicker to occur during 4:15 – 6:30 pm from April to mid – September. The sign will also advise people that due to the potential for shadow flicker, baseball games on this field should not commence until 6:30 pm.” Another sign will warn “ CAUTION HIGH VOLTAGE EQUIPMENT. PLEASE DO NOT OPEN OR TAMPER WITH THE EQUIPMENT. “ Hope the kid’s in the soccer field 30 feet away read this and don’t get zapped with stray voltage a documented hazard. The same sign goes on to say “ Caution during freezing rain conditions as ice can fall from the turbine. Please avoid being directly under the wind turbine and stay out of the 125 metre or 412 foot caution zone when the turbine re – starts.” Who evacuates the soccer fields, ball diamonds and tennis courts when golf ball sized hail is being flung around by the turbine blades ? And Fire Fighting Safety – yes kids these things can and do catch fire, melt down spewing out molten steel and fibreglass and topple over. Just look at the videos we’ve posted on our Faebook page. The CAW, as recently reminded by our Fire Chief in writing, and as part of their OMB induced site plan approval from the Town, is responsible for CONTRACTING OUT high angle fire and rescue to a qualified company out of town . Our Fire department can’t do it. Now parents you can take comfort knowing the response time is probably a few hours. I can’t get the picture out of my mind of a plane approaching our airport, which is only a mile away from the turbine, crashing into the blades as kids play soccer and baseball underneath it. But don’t worry the CAW’s wind consultants M K INCE AND ASSOCIATES LTD. TEL 905 628 0077 got Transport Canada signed off on it as safe in 2006. WANT TO GET INVOLVED YET?

    Email Doris Dumais as she can stop it and tell her you are mad and you want it stopped.. Sign our online petition at or download one from our web site next week or pick up your protest petition and order your lawn signs (we pay for them) at our new Highway 21 protest headquarters opening next week beside Carol Garrow Interiors at Maple Square Mall.

    Get involved and get your neighbours signed up – this is a whole community issue not just for the 100 families living next to it. Make your sign and join the protest march Saturday Dec.3 at 10:00 am from the Town yards at Hwy 21 and CAW Rd. down to the CAW gate. The turbine site with the trees already cut down and piled up on the ground is visible from the gate on Caw Rd.


    YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND STAND UP TO THE GREED, ARROGANCE, DECEPTION and DENIAL that are being thrust on our community and all brought to you by Canada’s Champion of Workplace Health and Safety and People’s Rights, the CAW Union.

    We will email this letter to every CAW Local office and every CAW represented company in Canada.

    Greg Schmalz

    S.T.O.P. ( SaugeenShores Turbine Operation Policy ) online petition; Facebook at STOP THE CAW TURBINE ; email;

    • Greg,

      GE document
      1.5 * (hub height + rotor diameter) That would be closer to 250m instead of 125m.

      Denial of health issues is difficult to deal with.
      Go here and print off 100 hundred or more of the reports. Just the first page of each maybe. Keep these handy when you are around the CAW and media people.

      If you can get the CAW in front of the media ask them about the health issues. When they deny any pull out the stack of papers and show the media, and give them to the media. The CAW will avoid public debate on this at any cost. Now you’ve got them. If they debate they look bad. If they hide the look bad.

      Short messages are more effective for communication than long ones – people don’t read.

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