Energy Minister opposes bill that would give municipalities some turbine control

By Susan Hundertmark, Mitchell Advocate
Ontario Energy Minister Chris Bentley will be voting against a private member’s bill, The Local Municipal Democracy Act, that would give municipalities back some control over the location of industrial wind turbines proposed in their area. “I will not be supporting the private members’ bill. It would simply put an end to the investment and the jobs,” he said during a phone-in press conference organized by the Ontario Community Newspapers Association last Thursday, Dec. 1. Read article

4 thoughts on “Energy Minister opposes bill that would give municipalities some turbine control

  1. What a creep. This reporter asked some good questions. Looks like people are becoming educated. I hope the reporters keep listening and learning. They will soon recognize when they are being lied to by our almighty leaders. They can’t get away with it forever….

  2. Check the comments on the Globe and Mail story from Dec 3. If there is no change, Bently will lose his seat in the next election.


    • I meant to check the comments on the Globe and Mail website, not here.


  3. The Auditor-General’s report that was released today gave a blistering, very negative and condemning report on McGuinty and his Green Energy Act!!Even the feds have found out what we have believed all along:; that there is massive corruption in the OntarioLiberal government!! Please take time to read it if you haven’t already done so…As far as Bentley is concerned,, his career looks like it’s pretty much over IMHO, He, like his boss, hasn’t leaned a damn thing.. .People are becoming more educated to this scam all the time and the ranks of non-supporters are growing daily.. Sooner or later,, the right person or persons who are in a position to do something about this outrage, will get it done ..It hasn’t happened just yet …… ..

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