Liberals’ green energy strategy blasted by auditor

Read Auditor Generals Report on the Renewable Energy Sector
Robert Benzie and Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
Haste makes waste.  Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals’ fast tracking of green energy projects will cost electricity ratepayers more money in the long run, says Auditor General Jim McCarter. In his 460-page annual report to the Legislature released Monday, McCarter castigated policies that were a cornerstone of McGuinty’s re-election in the Oct. 6 vote, including Grit claims of 50,000 green jobs being created.

The auditor general found billions of dollars in solar and wind projects were approved without appropriate oversight, including and regulatory and planning procedures.  Read article

8 thoughts on “Liberals’ green energy strategy blasted by auditor

  1. “He urged the government and its agency, the Ontario Power Authority, to conduct a “cost-benefit assessment of the progress made to date” in order to “strike an appropriated balance between the promotion of green energy and the price of electricity in Ontario.”

    That is exactly whay many of us have been asking for since the debate on the GEA began. George Smitherman dismissed the very idea of cost-benefir analysis at the time as being “outdated” and being replaced by something like social-benefit sudiies. I suspect that some group of analysts somewhere in Queens Park, or the government agencies, have done the studies, the Liberals are not interested in publishing them.

    • The whole “green” energy scam is based on politics and ideology and there is nothing logical about this.

  2. Oh, what a surprise. I suppose no one saw this coming? Despicable!
    Based on what Peter Lomath told us yesterday, it seems the only one doing their job is our Auditor.

    • The Auditor is very late doing his job. He has barely scratched the surface.

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  4. Finally the Star has printed something. The people of Toronto need to see the folly of the GEA.

    Everyone here needs to go to the Star web site, register and add their comments to the discussion. If you do, please do not make it a rural vs urban argument as that will only cause discord. Also, lets not call wind turbine developments ‘wind farms’ as that makes look benign. Let your intelligence show and make a good impression. We want the people of Toronto to join us, not think we a bunch of hicks.

    At the Star, I’m ‘adifferentview’.


  5. [excerpt] ‘The auditor general found billions of dollars in solar and wind projects were approved without appropriate oversight, including and regulatory and planning procedures.’

    The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) quietly, and without ‘appropriate oversight’ – gifting transmission rights away.

    Hydro One transmission is a crown corporation.
    Ontario citizens own it.
    Why then, are we allowing private, and in some cases, foreign corporations,
    to ‘hook up’ – their unwanted private projects
    to our provincially owned transmission grid?

    It appears it is a fight for the grid – knock off nuclear and coal –
    and gift the transmission space to privateers.

    Get Rid of the OPA!
    p.s. watch stocks!
    Hint: gas

  6. The Feds are joining in as well:
    “Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver made it clear Monday that federal government support for the renewable energy sector will be limited while Ottawa is dealing with the deficit.
    The solar power industry must develop its own “sound business model” if it wants to succeed, the minister said.”

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