MP Ben Lobb speaks out on CAW turbine decision

Ben Lobb, MP

Saugeen Times
In the past several weeks my office has been overwhelmed with phone calls and emails regarding the Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW) wind turbine at the Family Education Centre. Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting with members of Saugeen Turbine Operation Policy (S.T.O.P.) and the Director of the CAW to ensure I was fully informed on this issue.

The provincial government has not adequately addressed the health concerns surrounding industrial wind turbines near residential homes. The CAW is ignoring the wishes  of the community by building an industrial wind turbine as close as 150m to residential property.

Although this issue  falls under the jurisdiction of the provincial government I am calling on the CAW to be good neighbours, listen and compromise with the
community of Saugeen Shores.

First and foremost, the CAW needs to hold an open public meeting to honour the community consultation process outlined in the Green Energy Act, a step that has not been taken or offered to the community to date.

Secondly, the CAW should be willing to compromise with the community and find a mutually agreeable solution.

There are a number of alternatives the CAW could purpose including installing solar panels, striving to adopt LEED certification for their buildings or
relocate the wind turbine to an alternate location away from residential areas.

Saugeen Shores is a beautiful place to live. This issue has already had a negative impact on people in the community.   It would be unfortunate if this turbine was to negatively affect people’s way of life and their health.

I am urging the CAW to be a good neighbour and work with the residents and council in Saugeen Shores to find a mutually agreeable solution.

Ben Lobb, MP
Huron Bruce

9 thoughts on “MP Ben Lobb speaks out on CAW turbine decision

  1. Ben- I’m sorry but this is no longer a kumbya moment. What I want to hear is your going to review the health concerns and look to see if the provincial gov’t is needlessly and wrecklessly putting the health of Ontarians and hence Canadians at risk. This should be done through Health Canada and if the concerns are legitimate, then transfer payments for health care to the province should be frozen until a complete assesment is done to address these concerns. It’s already a no-brainer that the CAW turbine will put Canadians health at risk. I’m sure there are other avenues that the federal gov’t can explore to help Ontarians and all Canadians

  2. [excerpt] First and foremost, the CAW needs to hold an open public meeting to honour the community consultation process outlined in the Green Energy Act, a step that has not been taken or offered to the community to date.

    Oh my! CAW breaking rules.

    I thought – Ben Lobb’s, MP Huron Bruce – letter – was brilliant!
    Thank you!

  3. I may be asking a dumb question but can’t someone get an injunction against the CAW and put a stop to the turbine’s construction?


    • On what grounds? What they are doing is not ethical or moral but it is legal under the pathetic regulations of the McGuinty government.

      • How about the danger presented by winter operating conditions? Ice ejection and all that…

        Simple easy to decide case — could be done by affidavits.

  4. I commend Mr. Lobb for speaking up on this subject. As far as I know he is the only Conservative MP to do so. There are many other MP’s who could speak up for their constituents but have failed to do so. Yes, yes, I know “it is a provincial issue”. Whatever. One would think that be it a federal or provinicial issue that our elected representatives would speak up on our behalf when they see that our rights have been taken away. And that is exactly what the GEA has done.

    Come on MP’s from across Ontario speak up for us. Help us.

  5. I’m not impressed with Ben Lobb’s letter re the CAW wind turbine, it has about as much impact as a wet noodle, just a soppy bread & butter type of letter. It’s time to take a strong stance, not be Mr nice passive guy !!

    • I agree – If it can be proven that McGuinty is in violation of the Canada Health Act, by putting Canadians health at unecessary risk, reprecussions should be discussed.

  6. Any statement that asserts that the responsibility for protecting the health rights of Canadians is under provincial jurisdiction may do more harm than good.

    Ben Lobb’s analysis contradicts itself by recognizing the health concerns, but not taking responsibility to the federal level. This negatively affects Mr. Lobb’s credibility, unfortunately.

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