Liberal energy plan leaves opponents green around the gills

Ann Towell

By Cathy Dobson, The Sarnia Observer
Local renewable energy opponents jumped on the auditor general’s report Tuesday, saying it adds steam to their argument Ontario should back away from its Green Energy Act.

“The main problem with wind turbines is health concerns but there hasn’t been a lot of consideration given to the costs,” said Ann Towell, a member of the Dawn-Euphemia chapter of a Wind Opposition Group.  “I think our group is thrilled the auditor general is pointing out the costs to taxpayers. It may mean people on the periphery take a look at the Green Energy Act again.”  Read article

3 thoughts on “Liberal energy plan leaves opponents green around the gills

  1. Since McCarter’s report was released Monday, Energy Minister Chris Bentley acknowledged green power is pricey but said the province will save billions in health costs by putting an end to the use of coal”
    I say to BENT-ley…”PROVE to me that this act will save billions in health care costs !!.Show me and ALL Ontarians the data to back that statement up !!!” He’s just spouting off a lot of hot air that doesn’t mean squat without the data to back it up.. If he indeed has the data, let’s hear it..Until I see it, his comments are worthless.. They mean nothing….. .

  2. The press never makes these wind proponents back up what they say with any sound information.Their excuse is that they are only reporting what they were told or what was said.
    News reporting used to be who,what,where when and why. The why is the hard part in reporting.
    Another factor is that what is not reported can be as or more important than what is reported.

  3. More than a few of us have been pointing out the high cost of renewable energy (so-called). Not many people listen.

    I mentioned over a year ago that I expected the extra costs of wind power would approach between $50B to $100B over the next 20 years.However, it’s tough to calculate costs accurately when there is so much obfuscation of the financial issues.

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