Witness observes Wolfe Island Turbine Canada Geese slaughter

Tibbetts Point observer says;
On Friday morning September 30 at 9:30 am it was surprising to personally witness the destruction of a flight of Canadian Geese by one of the Wolfe Island turbines.Β  Here is what happened; from a clear view second floor window at our home on Tibbetts Point Rd. I watched geese lift off and form up along the shore of Wolfe Island. At about a hundred feet of altitude they wheeled into the wind, headed in a west/southwesterly direction. As their climb into a headwind slowly took them over Wolfe the wind speed gauge at our house continued to read a strong and steady 22-25 mph. It was overcast. The river was rolling.

Crossing Wolfe they flew into the plane of spinning turbine blades. This one turbine is directly across from our home and closer to us at about a mile and a half. Through 8X binoculars the carnage was mesmerizing.

Imagine a scene of blade impacts repeatedly knocking dark puffs of feathers against a grey sky. With such a strong wind, limp bodies seemed to be blown backwards out of the turbine. Amazingly the rear of the flight followed into the blades. They seemed oblivious to the destruction of their leaders. With strong headwinds slowing their passage the period of danger and destruction was prolonged. After about two thirds entered this gauntlet the flight finally broke off, lost it’s V shape and scattered.

I called loudly to my wife to run upstairs but by then it was over. The time was ten maybe fifteen seconds. It was strange to sit and watch this happen in silence. I could hear none of their honking. It seemed so odd to witness movements that suddenly changed from the beauty of ordered flight to instant plunging death. It made such an impression that details were entered into my log that day.

Those log details and recalled impressions are now shared. Draw from them what you will.

21 thoughts on “Witness observes Wolfe Island Turbine Canada Geese slaughter

  1. And these are just the ones witnessed at that moment. Criminal.
    Is there a petition for the $5000 fine?

    • David Suzuki loves driving by Industrial Wind Turbines, that’s what his commercial shows.

      • Too think he was number 5 on the most famous Canadians list in 2004. Of course that was the CBC poll. Doubt he would make it now with all this PR damage with his wind affiliations and breaking CRA guidelines. Pathetic. Just goes to show who ever pulls the strings only hangs to dry those who disagree with the set agenda. Anybody else it is open season on the tax payer and anybody else in the way.

  2. Couple of days ago, I too sat at my window transfixed as a large flock of Canada geese flew honking over my home. They were heading east in the classic V formation and heading straight between 2 pairs of turbines in the Talbot project. But beyond those 2 pair of turbines another turbine about 2km away was in their path. The forward movement seemed to stop and the V became a disorganized mass that changed to a southeast direction. I continued to watch as they tried to thread their way through 3 more pairs of turbines on their way to the shore of Lake Erie. I lost sight of them when they still had a couple of kilometers to go. Hope they didn’t end up like the slaughter on Wolfe Island. It is just a matter of time until turbine slaughters and displacement do irreversable harm to our migrating wildlife.

  3. On my canvassing of Prince Township I encountered an individual who has access because he works on land where the owner has property leased to Prince Windfarm. He spoke of large numbers of geese dead at the base of the IWTs in the first year of operation.

    No wonder the company has “no trespassing” enforcement, we are, despite the futile denial of the fact, a migratory route… horror grows at the thought of ever more bird-blenders added to the slaughter-in-series proposed for Algoma-Manitoulin.

    • There may be some people looking for get out of jail free cards by the time this Ontario IWT fiasco is over.

  4. Let’s get a collection of dead bird photos going. Did you have any photos from Wolfe Island to share with us?
    I’ve got my camera ready….we can post them on these blogs right?

    • The turbines are on private land. No trespassing…especially someone with a camera. Good luck if you manage to get some. I’ll post them.

    • Should you happen to get some photos — from somewhere… Do not modify the photos in any way or even open them with a photo editor. No cropping — nothing. It leaves a signature that could be interpreted as tampering. Heck buy yourself a new memory card and pay for it out the reward offered by Rob. πŸ˜‰

      Pull the memory card immediately you are finished and secrete it on your person.Then, (re) -install a different card with the usual innocent photos. It’s tough to justify a body search or even rifling pockets and wallets without evidence of a crime that would justify such a search. …and as long as you don’t steal the turbine…

      Consider using a Smartphone with GPS and transmitting the photos on the spot in case you are intercepted. (I know mine would do this.)

      “Modification” or evidence of apparent tampering would make the photos worthless as evidence.

      Even better would be a GPS/Compass camera with time date and everything set properly. Take along the days paper to set beside a corpse — open to the headline (or a really good “McGuinty Green Power” article. πŸ˜‰

      Hard to deny that sort of evidence.

      Happy Shooting!

  5. So we chop up a few Canada Geese — big deal eh? We’re saving the planet aren’t we — and that is serious business.

    I say we should follow the lead of the UK and demonstrate our willingness to sacrifice our own children thus demonstrating our willingness to work with Gaia:


    Pagan gods traditionally required human sacrifices – preferably of children – and a West Country academy school appears to be leading the way. To give pupils a lesson in “sustainability” they’ll never forget, headmaster Rob Benzie of Ansford Academy in Castle Cary, Somerset, ordered a “No Power Day … as an experiment to see if we can lower our carbon footprint”.

    It took place in December as temperatures plummeted to 1Β°C, and pupils students were permitted to cheat death by wearing as many jumpers as they could muster. All survived. Predictably, reactionary parents branded it as “barbaric” – ignoring the vital “awareness raising” potential of the experiment. An innovative game in Australia even advised children when they should pop off to help save the Earth Goddess

    Are we going to let the Aussies and the Brits cheat us out of our “Darwin Award”? I say no way! Let’s think of something that goes em one better.

    Now there is a “Modest Proposal” for yah all! πŸ˜‰

    Then we won’t even need turbine power — and we can save the geese. Oh Happy Day! πŸ™‚

    Oh yeah — follow the links in the article for some truly amazing drivel….

  6. There is some talk of a new model with a second set of blades that spin in the opposite direction. It will be a real slice and dice if these get off the ground.

  7. The point is, the wind companies have the government’s full approval to kill birds. There is no restrictions on any of the C of As on how many birds they can kill without penalty. The MNR is still “studying” that.

    You can get all the photos you want, they won’t be charged with anything. It’s called “incidental” killing. Yes, David, it is a necessary sacrifice to the green gods in their eyes.

    • MA:

      I realize that, however, the court of public opinion can often conduct a “hanging” after a fair trial. We just call them elections.

      • The general public does not know this killing is going on. You can take photos as long as you don’t trespass. IWTs are not military classified structures nor private homes where invasion of privacy might be claimed.
        Where are the birders? Many of them have telephoto lenses.

  8. We hear about terrible puppy mills all the time, time to focus on green killing

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