It’s war, says STOP group

Owen Sound Sun Times
People in Saugeen Shores say a plan to erect a wind turbine in a residential area has sparked a David-and-Goliath battle in Port Elgin. On one side is the Canadian Auto Workers union which, with the backing of the provincial government, is about to put up a 76-metre turbine at its Family Education Centre. On the other is the residents and council of Saugeen Shores, which has been powerless to stop the project even though the plan goes against municipal planning rules and regulations set out in the province’s Green Energy Act and despite concerns the turbine will make people sick and reduce property values. Read article

19 thoughts on “It’s war, says STOP group

  1. Is Ken Lewenza arrogant or clueless? What part of NO doen’t he understand? If the CAW has been such a good neighbour for so long, why would they proceed when the community is protesting against the turbine?

      • Hey, madasabat,
        I totally agree with you!

        This is all very interesting.
        Mr. Harper, recently, tells the U.N to buzz off – climate-change is a farce –
        will not sign on to another Kyoto –
        yet, we have communities across Ontario – including the CAW –
        embracing U.N. environmental policies.

        Signing non binding contracts – to save the planet.
        But – of course – first you have to bankrupt the province.

        Are we there yet?
        Mr. McGuinty – communicate – communicate

  2. I stand firmly with STOP. But if “most of [the members of his organization] are seasonal residents who closed up their cottages for the winter months ago, were “blindsided” by the start of construction on the turbine” perhaps it will help to get the word out to the urban people. You can bet these folks are talking to their friends and relatives at home! As they become educated they will share that with their urban fellows.

  3. Lewenza = BULLY! How can he dismiss everyone and say too bad we’re going ahead. He consulted in 2005? Give me a break! He’s pretty mouthy to the reporter but he didn’t have the courage to attend this meeting he was invited to.
    How have they been approved to site a turbine with 100 resdients within the 550 metre setback that is supposed to “protect our health” especially when we know by reams of evidence even that is a lie!
    What is driving these mad(wo)men? Dalton, Kris, George, Ken, David, Arlene, Doris
    Who is pressuring them into this? What the h is going on?

    • Exactly. What IS going on?

      Has the CAW signed some sort of contract that they can’t get out of? Is someone paying them off? Is there someone who can enlighten us?

      • This week in our monthly CAW newsletter, the turbine was being touted again “as an educational tool”. Not a single mention of the protest or community of Port Elgin.

      • The contract was signed when Buzz Hargrove got Dalton to pay hundreds of millions in
        subsidies to the big three auto makers when the latter were hovering near bankruptcy due to overgenerous contracts with the CAW. The contract was renewed when Dalton, on behalf of all Ontarians, paid billions into a new pension fund for CAW retirees suddenly left pensionless when the big three actually did go broke. And so this erstwhile pillar of the NDP became a lapdog of the Ontario Liberal Party. That simple!

      • Also the Blue-Green Alliance that was formed played a big role in this. Eco-nuts got the unions to believe in all the sustainability crap which includes IWTs.

      • If the contract is cancelled now then the CAW will have to pay up or make settlements with the contractors as the CAW would be in breech of contract. If the turbine is already ordered it will have to be paid for or sold to another party.

  4. It’s probably been thought of already, but I hope the “WAR” includes large, professionally produced signs on all access roads stating that the CAW turbine is buing built in contravention of present-day set-back standards because of a technicality exploited by the CAW. The sign could feature Lew and Dalton on either side of a windmill, “giving the finger” to the community (“the finger” in question to be enlarged and painted to look like a windmill).

    • Thanks for all your letters. On Monday nite’s Town hall we unveiled our latest new art project which is a turbine stabbing a heart which is the O in Port Elgin, complete with blood spatter and pool.
      I like the finger concept. Sign bylaws make it tough to do anything. We just did a 3 day blitz of HWY 21 all through town with election style lawn STOP THE CAW TURBINE signs – then at town;s request removed them all to the county roads entering Port Elgin.
      I’ll be out there looking for that billboard…

      Greg Schmalz

  5. Trevor…That is a great idea. It would be a very effective and embarrassing sign for CAW.

    Good luck.

  6. It would seem the Port Elgin bird chopper has something to do with attempting to put Wind turbines in the Great Lakes. The Liberal government think they need some outside support to make this happen. They can’t go with the regular paid off environmental groups. At this point any environmental group that supports putting these things in the Great Lakes would lose all credibility in the eyes of the general public. But the Liberals need to find some organization so they find one that owes them.–steelworkers-blow-back-against-wind-energy-ban

    I suppose the thing to do is expose the CAW offshore intentions. Use it against them.

    • They are still peddling the fraud that IWTs are going to revive the Ontario manufacturing sector and that Ontario can become a world leader in IWT tower production. This same fraud has been sold to many areas in North America. It’s easy to sell false hope to the unemployed.
      Total Wolfe Island wind project is $1.36 billion with 1900 construction jobs and 175 operational jobs.
      Offshore Lake Ontario project is supported by Kingston and Hamilton. Also LOON/Lake Ontario Offshore Network, and Blue-Green Alliance & USW.
      Environmental Defence & USW both involved in promoting the Green Energy Act. USW wanted offshore IWTs included to create an artifical demand for IWTS.
      There was very little demand for IWTs until the GEA assured a demand for them. Classic case of government creating a market for goods out of thin air where no demand existed before.

  7. Why the CAW is lock stepped with McGuinty is pretty obvious…………..GM receives our $$$$ to bail them out and produce some Green Crap Car… return Lewenza promises to support McGuinty’s Green Nightmare…tit for tat………if you ever cornered Lewenza he would throw the “GM survival” in your face and try and appear to be a “saviour”………… what’s the trade off?……just a few Rural Residents who aren’t that important in the big scheme of things! Here’s what OUR money has produced!

  8. Sorry to disappoint you guys but Ken Lewenza did not ask for the bailouts, the car companies did. Don’t get the two confused. I think you are giving the CAW a little too much credit in how much power they have. Really.

    This situation is no different than any other wind project in Ontario. All were approved with little or no due diligence. This is no different. Don’t go off on conspiracy theories with no evidence to back up your claims.

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