North Perth Council passes resolution against turbines. Congratulations!

Mayor Julie Behrns

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LISTOWEL – North Perth council has taken a stance against wind energy projects, passing a resolution at their meeting Monday night. Mayor Julie Behrns said the resolution was passed in support of the concerns of residents as a wind turbine project is being sought by Invenergy Canada in the community. “It’s become a real issue in North Perth, with several farmers signing leases,” Behrns said.  “North Perth has heard from the residents, and the residents are extremely concerned.”

The resolution stated concerns over conflicting health information regarding the impacts turbines have on those living in close proximity, and how the municipality’s hands are tied as far as seeing the project move forward.

“There’s been a number of suggestions to the lack of control because of the Green Energy Act that municipalities have,” Behrns said. “It’s very difficult to be an elected municipal official right now when you have no control.”

The resolution will be forwarded to Premier Dalton McGuinty as well as Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece, requesting the province implement a moratorium on wind turbine projects in agricultural areas until an independent health study and environmental impact study are completed.

7 thoughts on “North Perth Council passes resolution against turbines. Congratulations!

  1. Congratulations, Mayor Behms and Council members of North Perth! We need more councils to take this kind of stand. I hope you create a huge snowball effect across Ontario – it’s time we stood up to these bullies!

  2. Hurray! Let the snowballs start rolling – especially here in Melancthon!
    Great job Mayor Behms and council members of North Perth! You are a credit to all of us under threat of these monstrosities – thank you for standing up to them. Be very proud!

  3. Absolutely! My heartfelt congratulations Mayor Behms and Council members of North Perth.
    Please please please keep the pressure up everyone. Eventually we will win this!

  4. Yeah! A mayor and council that actually cares! Want to come to Haldimand. We really need some good, caring representatives here.

    • Haldimand / Norfolk only seem to be willing to give us half hearted platitudes of support while they really never really take a firm stand and stick up for us. They constantly fall back on the ” Oh poor us” and We can’t do anything because the Green Energy Act routine.It makes you question who’s really willing to help. It’s time both councils REALLY stepped up or admitted they want top go ahead with IWTs.

  5. .. The problem, as I see it,, rests somewhat with the Farmers that sign these leases.. These carpetbaggers are pretty smart, sneaking around the countryside, getting farmers to sign up by tempting them with the dangling carrot of money.. After all, if these guys don’t sign anything, no IWT’s !!.. I think some pressure has to be put on farmers as well …I’m a farmer myself, and have educated myself to the effects of these IWT’s.. Perhaps more of us should be educated, and things would sure be a heck of a lot different…

    • Sparky,
      If you are an OFA member, please press them to do more on educating other farmers. They have issued a Position Statement and now need to further impress the membership to support this Position Statement by NOT signing further leases. That is the only way this will work. NO LAND LEASES FOR TURBINES, ERGO NO NEW TURBINES!

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