Jobs focus has kept Ontario’s green energy plan alive

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TORONTO — The Ontario government has been able to stick by its green energy plans amid a looming recession by making the project about jobs, but its biggest challenge may be one of public relations, not finance. The focus on green energy has come at a political cost, with the Liberals losing their majority mandate after this fall’s election. That result ushered in a precarious new term that some worry could lead to an overhaul of the green plans if the Liberal government falls.  Read article

32 thoughts on “Jobs focus has kept Ontario’s green energy plan alive

  1. Incredulous! In this “information” age, how is it possible so many can be so misinformed? Installing energy generation assets that are totally at the mercy of Mother Nature cannot replace a SINGLE reliable generation asset regardless of the driver of that generator, be it fossil, hydro or nuclear! This is simple science. Look to ANY nation ANYWHERE in the world and see if you can find ONE that has succeeded! I challenge you! Repeating the same thing hoping for a different result is a text book example of insanity! So Greenpeace is against nuclear energy eh? No surprise. However, you may be interested to learn that the former head of Greenpeace and one of its founding members
    (Patrick Moore) QUIT so he could SUPPORT nuclear energy! If Greenpeace was to
    actually take a minute or two and actually LEARN SOMETHING they would quickly find that nuclear energy done right can USURP ALL OTHER FORMS OF ENERGY COMBINED INCLUDING FOSSIL FUELS -FOREVER! I’m even going to make it easy on them. Go here: and/or here: and it will last this long: (Section IV). If one includes global reserves of thorium as well, the above calculated time increases by a factor of four from 2.9 BILLION years to 11.6 BILLION years and NO long lived waste legacy to bother future generations in either case! Not bad for a technology first visited
    in 1946 eh?

    Wake up people! If you continue to act like sheep, the slaughter most certainly awaits!

    With truth and sincerity…

    Sean Holt.

    • I discovered, to my horror, the manipulation that goes on in order to get leases signed. IWT are being protrayed as windmills. No one in community will get sick and complainers are only in it for the money. Opposition is portrayed as dupes of the Toronto papers or city people telling the farmer what to do.The lease is worth a lot of money to a small farmer. If this wasn;t true it would make a great plot for a novel.

      Why is this continuing? Will the farmland of Ontario be scared for all time?

    • Hey Sean Holt,

      Let’s hope!

      Going nuclear

      The province has been stalling for years on the multibillion-dollar procurement of new nuclear reactors. Now, one of the main obstacles – the uncertain future of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. – seems to have been resolved with the recent sale to Quebec’s SNC Lavalin. And Chris Bentley, the new Energy Minister, has been sending signals that he’s more eager than some of his predecessors to move forward.

      But there’s also a new catch. Opposition to new investment in nuclear power is a bedrock position of the New Democrats. Will the Liberals be willing to antagonize them, given that they’ll also intermittently need their support?

      We love you California!

      Mike Fortuna from California

  2. Perhaps it’s time to review the Conference Board of Canada’s jobs report where no seems to know what person hours of work means to learn more about who may have been involved in this report. Have seen three interesting connections recently.

    From glossy pamphlets in your hydro bill, to political scriptwriting. Mask, confuse, and pull the wool over the ratepayers’ eyes. It’s all in there.
    Nuf said…it’s all a scam.

  4. Stantec Consulting Inc. also represents WPD ( Wind Power Development ) that is trying to erect 8 big ones near the Collingwood Airport and a private registered Air strip in Stayner. These turbines will effect many nearby homes and surely will cause abandonment . Also they will be the main focal point on the famous view of all of Georgian Bay from the hills of Creemore. That view is why the Township was named CLEARview! Before amalgamation the Township was called Nottawa. This gateway to Georgian Bay is also a major bird migratory flyway. The corridor is called the Central North American Flyway and it even overlaps the Mississippi Flyway. Many Raptors, Geese and songbirds will be slaughtered. I am particularly worried about the red winged blackbirds that nest each spring on our farm…directly inline with the 8 slated monster wind turbines that are 50 stories tall. How in God’s name can the Ministry of the Environment be so negligent?? The rape of Rural Ontario by the wind industry is Canada’s greatest shame. McGuinty should be charged with collaboration in the deliberate destruction of Rural Ontario. He should be ousted immediately for reckless endangerment to the people, the wildlife and the economy of Ontario.

    • Ministry of the Environment Ministry of Natural Resources
      The current Ontario Provincial Liberal Government has an agenda. If the MOE and MNR are run properly they will seriously disrupt that agenda. The Provincial Government has dealt with this problem by effectively eliminated those two Ministries ability to function.

      Environmental Commissioner of Ontario
      MOE and MNR Can’t Handle Core Responsibilities—engaging-solutions/moe-and-mnr-can-t-handle-core-responsibilities

      • David Libby – from your link

        “It troubles me, and it may trouble many Ontarians” says Miller “that for every dollar spent on government operations, less than one penny goes to the ministries that bear the burden of protecting our environment and natural resources. The day-to-day activities of these ministries touch the lives of all Ontarians.”

        What Ontario citizens are left with:
        Ontario Power Authority (OPA) has a mandate to by-pass
        the Environmental Protection Act –
        we ‘have to rely’ on their ‘integrity’ to decide what is environmentally acceptable.

        Get Rid of the OPA!

    • Everyone concerned with IWTs please copy the information as it is discovered so the work won’t need to be repeated. This work needs to be done as quickly as possible.
      Expand on the findings if you can.

    • The OPA is one of the contact points between those who benefit from IWT dealings and the government.

      • Most know what influence peddling is but not many know what interlocking boards of directors can accomplish.

  5. It appears that the Liberals and wind developers won’t be satisfied IWT dominate all of rural Ontario. Who’s going to tear these things down when the subsidies dry up and all the wind generation companies go bankrupt?

    • myview1872, they will not be torn down, as that is a very costly thing to do.
      They will likely just sit there until they maybe fall over? Nice landscaping additions, though dontcha think? A blight on rural Ontario for many years to come. What about all of the oil contained within the gear box and such? Once the gaskets and whatnot start to disintegrate the oil will be able to leak out onto the fields. Who will be responsible for that? How many litres will that be? Tens of thousands of litres to be sure. I cringe just thinking about it.

      • Another “growth Industry” will be generated after these monsters start falling apart and leeching their poisonous contents on the land…it will be Wind Demolition Companies who will be endorsed by our criminal Governments and paid for by our own tax dollars!……..Enron wrote the play book on how to criminally extort $$$ from people using a fake industry like wind and solar…………..they got caught of course but then G.E bought up their “Green Road Map for embezzlement” and sold it world wide to criminals working inside Governments…………..McGuinty and the rest would deny this!!!

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