McGuinty Government avoids accountability

by Randy Pettapiece, Stratford Gazette  – Open letter to the Minister of the Environment
On December 8 your government issued a renewable energy approval to Conestogo Wind, LP (NextEra Canada) for its proposed 10-turbine wind energy project in the Township of Mapleton. Your ministry’s approval came without warning and without notice to my office. MPPs should be informed when projects – especially those of the magnitude of industrial wind farms – are approved in the ridings they represent. This is an entirely reasonable request. Communities affected by your government’s energy policies and their elected representatives deserve full disclosure from your government. We have yet to receive that.

The timing of your approval is similarly disappointing. Instead of releasing it while the legislature was in session, your government waited until the day that the legislature adjourned for the Christmas break. This is unacceptable, and suggests that your government is avoiding accountability on what you must know is an extremely contentious issue in our communities.

As you know, you have given municipalities and citizens only until December 23, two days before Christmas, to appeal your government’s decision on the Mapleton project. To the many people opposed to this project, your deadline is unreasonable and unworkable.

The financial costs of mounting an appeal are extraordinary. For these reasons, I ask you to order an immediate extension of the appeals period, which must extend well into the new year to provide fair and ample opportunity to all concerned.

In the Ontario legislature on December 1, I spoke about the need for your government to start treating its municipal partners with respect and recognizing the critical role in the planning process which is rightfully theirs. It would appear, however, that your government is doing just the opposite.

I have met with several constituents on this matter; many of them are extremely upset that your government does not appear to be listening to their concerns. I have also met with municipal officials who must contend with the consequences of your government’s wind energy policies.

Again, I’m asking you to order an immediate extension of the deadline to appeal your government’s decision. I look forward to your prompt and favourable response.

Randy Pettapiece
MPP, Perth-Wellington

11 thoughts on “McGuinty Government avoids accountability

  1. Good Luck, Mr. Pettapiece !!!! This is the way McGinty operates. He is in a world all of his own. He hasn’t listened before and doesn’t intend to start.
    Have a Happy New Year and thank you for engaging in the battle against IWTs.

  2. “Damn the torpedo’s………..full steam ahead”…………is the attitude of the “S.S. McGuinty” and Ontario’s rapid decline to a third world status………………it almost appears that Captain McGuinty is setting his sights on leadership of the Federal Liberals and his last act in Ontario’s arena of Green Greed will to make sure his Green Buddies will be locked onto the taxpayer’s “host of $$$$” like a “Lampray eel” to a nice juicy salmon!

  3. We should try and take this to the federal level and claim that McGuinty liberals are needlessly and wrecklessly putting the health and safety of Ontarians /Canadians at risk. This ought to be in contravention of the Canada Health Act and until a moratorium on wind turbines is in place to FULLY evaluate the heath implications, transfer payments to the province should be halted. Only then should that get McGuintys attention

  4. The Friends of Mojave, here in California, support your efforts. We are the poster child of what happens when these projects get pushed through by leaders that don’t care about the people they are supposed to serve. We face the same arrogance in our politicians. They will be voted out.
    Keep up the fight!

  5. It’s all been done Paul….no one is giving up but rest assured every level of every government has been contacted and is well aware of this mess.
    It is “politics” that is causing the problems.
    Misrepresentation, no due diligence, reckless behaviour, influence, favours, intimidation …
    Our current political system is neatly set up for the will of a few and not for us – the residents, the taxpayers. They manipulate legislation, remove our democratic rights and squash anyone who has legitimate concerns by putting the thumbs on the media. Corporations are running everything
    including our authoritative bodies.
    It’s sick.

  6. Don’t expect any help from the federal government, namely the PC party. The PC agenda is to totally wipe out the Liberals, at the federal level and anywhere. The worse the Liberals make things for themselves the better it plays into the PC plan. The PC are happy to sit back and let it happen. The federal PCs are not going to do anything to help you.

    • I never looked at it from that angle before David, but it makes perfect sense, now that you mention it. In the meantime, we poor rural folk, pay the ultimate price. I guess we`re expendable, in many politicians eyes.

  7. Economic Changes have already been addressed yet we can go further into detail. There is a saying perfect power, perfectly corrupts. Money is power and as long as profit at any expense is the motes operandi with the major corporations you will always have a corrupt political, monetary and judicial system. The political, monetary and judicial systems have evolved to unprecedented heights of corruption; lies, deceptions and blatant theft have become acceptable behavior in the highest of offices. Because of the extreme greed, lies, bribery and deceptions in epidemic proportions those in power have declared war on the people because if the people found out what they have done and rise up their days are numbered. This is why you are seeing the dumbing down through chemicals in the water such as fluoride now lithium the same programs Hitler implemented in the past. Chemtrails, aerosol spraying programs raining down aluminum, barium, strontium, and a host of biologicals are part of the game plan “. The GMO foods have serious health consequences with known sterilization effects along with Aspertame and other food additives all part of a world wide eugenics program. This is also the reason behind the false flag events and the oppressive Orwellian Laws. The sheeple in all their sheepidity turn a blind eye to the obvious. Most of this is all compartmentalized with each compartment unknowing or in denial as to their participation in their own demise. There is a false belief in remaining quite and doing what they are told as to maintain their and their family’s security. The paycheck needs to keep coming yet eventually they will have to face the fact they have become the enemy and have participated in their own, family’s and friends demise

  8. I am sincerely grateful for Mr. Pettapiece’s correspondence above. It is nice to see an MPP stand up for the best interests of his constituents, recognizing this is the reason he was elected.

    However, it seems that we are ignored no matter how polite we are in our pleas. I have written too many letters where the essence is: “Dear Mr(s) Public Servant, thank you for receiving this correspondence. Would you kindly perform the responsibilities of the job for which you’re paid? I would be eternally grateful. I hope the weather is pleasant wherever you are. Thankyou for your consideration. Respectfully your’s, (patiently waiting until the cows come home,) Wind Turbine Refugee.”

    So far, no response.

    Is it time for us to take a different approach? A wise man once suggested: “Get mad, stay mad, make history.”

    To that end, I might suggest that the title of the above article be changed to: “Dalton McGuinty is a thieving, lying Moron.”

    • It is now there is always one good apple in a bunch now. Yes a new approach is high time months ago,lets say Oct 2011

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