Council filing wind project concerns to ministry and Gilead

By Nicole Kleinsteuber CountyLive
Prince Edward County council has sent a message to anybody who wants to develop a wind farm locally that there are certain criteria that must be met. “It’s gotten to the point where the municipality has to declare to the province, Gilead Power and other proponents whether or not they’re in support of wind turbines,” said councillor Robert Quaiff in an interview. County council voted Tuesday to add their comments on the wind farm planned for Ostrander Point to the Ontario Ministry of Environment’s Environmental Bill of Rights registry. Council also approved a motion reserving staff the right to respond directly to the ministry regarding future environmental registry postings on wind projects proposed for the county. “I’m pretty sure that this will speak volumes to other proponents that are looking at coming in and whether or not they want to face all of the objections that council plus the people here are going to give them,” said Quaiff. You’re going to face some strong, heavy opposition before you go changing what’s been here for years and years.” Read Article

21 thoughts on “Council filing wind project concerns to ministry and Gilead

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  2. The McGuinty government and cabinet is dysfunctional and defunct. This is good that Municipalities will take the lead and TELL those twits at Queens Park where it’s at. Eric

  3. ‘[excerpt] Prince Edward County council has sent a message…’

    This could be problematic – for future events
    snooze button stuck – for months –
    council wakes up – January 2012

    Okay let’s go – but where?

    p.s. Courageous!

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