Wind company and farm owner sued over proposed project

TORONTO, Jan. 18, 2012 /CNW/ – Wind developer WPD Canada and a farm that signed a lease to host wind turbines are now both being sued. The claim seeks an injunction and $2 million in damages related to the proposed Fairview Wind Farm in Stayner. “This claim seems unique because the owner of the proposed farm is also being sued” said lawyer Eric Gillespie. “Landowners who decide to allow turbines may need to look carefully at their legal position and potential liability” he said. The claim focuses on alleged devaluation of property. The plaintiff Sylvia Wiggins and husband John listed their home for sale in 2011. Showings started but they say ended shortly after the project was publicized. Recent data shows when a wind company bought out homes near another Ontario project, on resale the company lost almost 35% of their value. “These kinds of things appear to be happening with wind farms. We decided to do something now” said John Wiggins.

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13 thoughts on “Wind company and farm owner sued over proposed project

  1. Great idea. My hats off to the lawyers thinking,,, and I don’t tip my hat to many lawyers. I would like their address so that I can send them a letter of support. Maybe they should get a whole lot of letters of support. Dumping mailbags full of support for their position in the coutroom could have a very dramatic effect. If someone can get the address I’ll get my people on it right away.
    To my Canadian friends: You are not alone. The Friends of Mojave support your actions.

    • Thanks Mike! One can only hope that eventually our consolidated voices will be heard and the raping of our beautiful countries for the sake of inefficient and costly wind energy will soon come to an end.

    • Dumping mailbags full of support for their position in the courtroom worked for Santa Claus in the Miracle on 34th Street …

  2. I’m surprised that there hasn’t been more of these lawsuits long ago..If there are enough of them, it should have a somewhat crippling effect on these carpetbaggers !!

  3. Sue the municipality! Why not. They issued the permits. If they didn’t, they would be sued by the wind developer anyway.

    • Absolutely Yes , form a coalition between everyone who needs to sue their municipalities and make it class action throughout Ontario.

  4. I’m anticipating hundreds of lawsuits to occur over the coming decades against the CAW for their installation of a turbine in Port Elgin. Over 100 homes are within the 550m setback zone. To me, that means thousands of potential legal actions for loss of property value, illness, loss of enjoyment of property….this is an attorney’s dream! I’m not normally a big fan of lawyers or our sue-happy society BUT!!!!….let the lawsuits begin!!!

  5. Great news for those of us opposed to turbines: let’s hope the case comes to court real soon and is not delayed. Turbine Torment! We have to put a stop to them somehow- and soon! It is so sad that we, as ordinary residents, have to fight so hard for our ‘quiet enjoyment’ of our property and homes. Where is the justice! Eric Gillespie – good luck – we are all behind you 110 per cent! You are not just fighting for the Wiggins family, but for all of us!


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