Energy critic warns of another hydro cost increase

by Mary Beth Hartill, Cottage Country Now
MAGNETAWAN – The energy critic didn’t mince words when it comes to green energy and skyrocketing costs in Ontario.  Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli took a couple of sharp jabs at the Green Energy Act and warned Ontarians that hydro prices are set to climb.  Fedeli, who was speaking at the Muskoka-East Nipissing-Parry Sound Cattlemen’s Association annual meeting in Magnetawan on Saturday, Jan. 21, stated that smart meters are just one reason why energy prices will climb.  Read article

2 thoughts on “Energy critic warns of another hydro cost increase

  1. These wind turbines are like the bad habit of smoking. Everyone knows it’s bad for you but they go ahead and smoke anyway. They should quit smoking for their health. Tobacco companies profitted. See any similarities. How many years did it take people to get the message about smoking and the dangers it created for the user and the “second hand smoke” victims. These wind turbines will be the same. The long term damage will be done. The creators of this medical disaster for humans and animals, and blight on our landscape will be long gone, basking in their wealth and dreaming up some othe “get rich scheme”. Polititians are elected to protect our best interests not to destroy them. Maybe the creators of the wind turbines and the hydro producers should live amid these giants and see how they feel after a year or two. The disco ball effect alone is enough to drive any one crazy. How could anyone with a conscience inflict this on a fellow human? How will they ever be able to sell their homes and move on…and why should they? Who would willingly want to move next to wind turbines? Open your eyes and see what it has done to other “infested” communities and how they have been torn apart with health issues, feuding within the community and destrction of the landscape. Stop them now. Don’t wait till the damage is irreversible… smoking was for its victims.

  2. ‘[excerpt] “Even Dalton McGuinty, when he was the energy critic back in the 90s said it’s not a stretch to understand that high energy prices equal high unemployment,” he said. ‘

    McGuinty’s Genie – is out of the Bottle.

    p.s. Soon – CAW’s soup kitchen.

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