Victoria Haliburton Federation of Agriculture supports OFA wind turbine opposition

By Peggy Armstrong, Lindsay Post
LINDSAY – The Victoria Haliburton Federation of Agriculture says the Ontario Federation of Agriculture’s (OFA) call for a halt to industrial wind turbine projects in the province makes sense. The OFA issued a statement late last week that the wind turbines are creating an “untenable” situation by polarizing rural communities. “If you get a rent cheque (for a wind turbine), it’s pretty good. If you live next door, it’s not as good,” said Terry Parker, VFHA media relations person, in an interview. He said the OFA’s demand for a moratorium “makes perfect sense to me.” Read article

4 thoughts on “Victoria Haliburton Federation of Agriculture supports OFA wind turbine opposition

  1. Hopefully the rest of neighbours in all rural ontario will see what a failed experiment this has been.Come see what kind of mess Chatham Kent has produced along the shores of lake erie from Palmyra to the town of Essex ..Our skyline and countryside has been vandalized with these towers.At nightime its Canada’s Red Light district…!! Oh yes and when we cant use all the power we give it to our neighbours in the USA..These companies are here because they cant sell them in Europe no more …Go to Spain,,30 to 35% unemployment rates !! why because wind power has raised the price of electricity so high that its cost prohibitive for the industrial sector and for its residents..The same cenario is coming to Ontario…turbines are not very efficient they work at best 27% of the time…would you buy a new car that runs 27% of the time I dont think so!! Its also a great way to reduce your property value up to 30% and create ennemies with your neighbours.Hopefully the OFA will also condemm the practice of filling large areas of farmland with solar panels…Farmland is for growing food,,put the damm things in the cities on the rooftops of warehouses in towns theres lots of other areas to do this.

  2. ML – my car runs 27% of the time! It sits in my garage most of the time!!
    One question I have is that on the IESO website it shows that there are more exports than imports and that we sell about 400 million more than we buy from the US or provinces. Isn’t that a good thing?? I remember when people were angry during the PC days when we were paying up to 40 cents/ kw to import from Michigan and New York. What gives?

    • The point is that you can use your car when you want to and don’t have to depend on the sun and the wind to use it. So your car is “dispatchable” but wind and solar are not dispatchable sources of electricity.
      Then on your second point about the excess and lack of electricity produced, two wrongs don’t make a right. Neither was good for Ontario Hydro customers.

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