Brief from Multi-Muni​cipal Wind Turbine Working Group to Ministry of Energy re Feed in Tariffs

Courtesy: Bill Palmer
On Wednesday, 4 members of the Multi-Municipality Wind Turbine Working Group had a telephone conference call with 2 Senior Policy Advisiors from the Renewable Energy Facilitation Office of the Ministry of Energy.  At the end of the discussion, the Ministry reps noted that they “cannot guarantee to do what was asked” but they would “speak to (their) manager and get this into the right hands.”

Summary of Requests of the Multi-Municipal Wind Turbine Working Group:
 Request 1: We formally request that our comments be incorporated in the input to the Feed in Tariff Review, and ask consideration be given to open the window for others to comment, as many did not even know of the opportunity.

Request 2: It is absolutely essential that responsible authorities who have taken away the ability of municipal councils through the green energy and economy act take action immediately to address the identified health concerns raised by citizens concerning wind turbines. Something is definitely wrong, or citizens would not be hurting. Deal with this before any more wind turbines are approved. Do not keep saying, “Literature reviews show this cannot be a problem.” There IS a problem!

Request 3: Either return the responsibility for final decision making regarding wind turbines to municipal councils immediately so we can act as we have for years to support healthy communities, or it is essential for those who have taken the responsibility away from us to act immediately to facilitate discussion, understanding, and a return to community health by addressing the polarization that the green energy act / feed in tariffs have created, of winners and losers. Immense harm is being done to rural Ontario, as noted recently by the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, and in the past by the Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario, both of whom have called for a cessation of more wind turbine contracts until the issues are addressed.

Request 4: We call for an immediate cessation of the illegal practice of “bonusing” the assessment valuation for taxes being applied to wind turbines under direct order of the Minister of Finance.

Request 5: We call for immediate revision of the Renewable Energy Approval Regulations to setback wind turbines an acceptable distance from roadways and the property of non-participants so that there is a protection of the public in the event of icing, fires, or other failures that have been shown to result in a hazard distant from the turbines.

Request 6: We call for an immediate withdrawal of all certificates of approval that have been issued where there are contraventions with the existing regulations, and that those responsible for issuing the certificates in contravention with the rules be removed from active role in further issuing approvals. Obey the rules!

Request 7: We call for an immediate and thorough study by the Ministry of Natural Resources of the actual impact on the environment of wildlife in the vicinity of existing wind turbines, considering wildlife habitat reduction, resulting in wildlife concentration in areas away from wind turbines, and impact on recreational areas.

Request 8: The adverse financial implications of the feed in tariffs on the Ontario economy must be expeditiously investigated as called for by the Auditor General.  Issuance of new contracts shall be suspended until the full investigation is completed.  The investigation shall consider the factors identified in this paper.

14 thoughts on “Brief from Multi-Muni​cipal Wind Turbine Working Group to Ministry of Energy re Feed in Tariffs

  1. I believe this is a shell game. The eye of the public is focused on the turbines, and the money changes hands .Every claim of this industry has been demonstrated to be fraudulant. Are any of the handfull of prominent Liberals behind these decisions, benefiting financially from this policy? It’s my observation, that money, in the right quantity, can render smart people stupid, forgetful, unresponsive, uncaring etc. – exactly the qualities these “public servants” are exhibiting. A good working motto for the new Liberal party- IT’S NOT A CRIME TO BE STUPID.

    • “Are any of the handfull of prominent Liberals behind these decisions, benefiting financially from this policy?”

      Someone might want to start with a check of Liberal Party President Mike Crawley’s pockets for a rather obscene amount of money made in the wind business.

  2. Aim PowerGen, a private company, was sold Aug.,2006 to Renewable Energy Generation,Ltd for C$29.1M
    Aim PowerGEN,subsidiary of REG, was sold Sept.,2009 to International Power plc
    International Power was 70% aquired by GDF Suez c. Oct, 2010
    Eire Shores Wind farm deal information located under Algonquin Power & Utilites Corp. F-8 On 3/26/07-EX-3.12 under Clean Tech Income Fund, Mar.31,2006
    Scroll down to 13th Page of 80
    “Investment In The Erie Shores Wind Farm”
    Filed 3-26-07
    SEC File 333-141569
    Accession Number 950136-7-1878

  3. David Simpson, may I ask: are you the David Simpson at the Ivey business school at UWO? If so, do you know if there is any research being done there regarding Ontario’s green energy policies?

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