Chatham-Kent MPP on board with OFA

Rick Nicholls, MPP

ENIVRONMENT: Support for wind energy moratorium
By Bob Boughner, Chatham Daily News
The Ontario Federation of Agriculture’s demand for a halt to future wind turbine construction has the support of Rick Nicholls of Chatham. The Chatham-Kent Essex MPP said Thursday he supports the farm organization’s position on a moratorium on new and not-yet approved projects. The MPP stopped short of demanding a halt on work slated to begin next week on an already-approved $600 million wind turbine project that will see an additional 110 turbines constructed in Chatham-Kent. Read article

3 thoughts on “Chatham-Kent MPP on board with OFA

  1. Isn’t this guy a “life coach”? What the heck is a life coach?
    He needs some coaching on being more decisive about wind projects. Why not demand a halt on work to the new CK project Dick?? If you are going to criticize wind, the Mcguinty/Samsung deal is the Holy Grail! Step up!!
    Let’s see some action! Maybe he just doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers, get a second term and get a nice MPP pension!

  2. A Life Coach is a narcissistic idiot who “thinks” his life is perfect and everyone else who doesn’t think and act the way he does is wrong, stupid or just plain ignorant!
    I’ve met a few and they are arrogant, narrow minded and totally out of touch with the real world!
    Sounds about right then that this guy should occupy a position in Government!

  3. I am no wind specialist to argue claims of wind power actually benefiting Ontario……However I firmly believe stray energy having negative effects on people and livestock and do harbor great concern for land and underground water systems becoming contaminated…….this government has to come to terms with the reality the Industrial Wind Turbines and Homes don’t mix!

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