Northumberland-Quinte West MPP supports OFA

A local MPP is blowing off wind power in favour hydro generated electricity. Rob Milligan is siding with the Ontario Federation of Agriculture in demanding the provincial government suspend the construction of wind power generation projects.  The OFA has identified four key areas of concern – the health risks related to the operation of wind turbines; the concern over the loss of farmland; the economic risks to adjacent properties and the fact that the entire wind development program has created huge divisions within rural communities. Read article

9 thoughts on “Northumberland-Quinte West MPP supports OFA

  1. The OFA was very PRO-ACTIVE in pushing the GEA and is now doing a 180 almost 3 years later!!!………Geez…………..I guess we should be grateful for any little “tidbit” we can get eh?………..I say punish them for what they have done to our fellow citizens along with all the other “players” in this SCAM. Something is going on inside political circles right now that we will never be “privy” to .It’s as if McGuinty is about to meet his “Waterloo” and everyone, including his own newspaper The Star has turned on him.
    It’s way too late for forgiveness here and any MPP that is embracing the OFA now is being a hypocrite!!!!…….we needed these announcements back in May of 2009!!!……..

  2. Politicians throwing support behind,
    Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) a powerful lobby group.

    Question: What’s really going on? Let’s not assume.

    If you want to know about a person, or organization –
    look @ who they associate with,
    and who their friends are.

    About the Green Energy Act Alliance:
    The Alliance’s vision is to make Ontario a global leader in green energy development
    through the use of renewable energy,
    distributed energy and conservation, creating thousands of jobs,
    economic prosperity, energy security, while ensuring climate protection.

    Founding groups include:
    the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association,
    Community Power Fund,
    the David Suzuki Foundation,
    Environmental Defence,
    the First Nations Energy Alliance,
    the Ivey Foundation,
    the Ontario Federation of Agriculture
    and the Pembina Institute.

    p.s. Once merchant plants are in – who is in control?

    • Important!
      ‘[excerpt] The OFA has identified four key areas of concern’
      and has a world of solutions!……soon – maybe.
      I can’t wait!

  3. OFA has ‘Hissy FIT’
    Now – the real news –
    CanWEA celebrates!

    12/05/2011 Canadian Wind Energy Association opens trading on Toronto Stock Exchange Celebrating record year of $3.5 billion invested in new Canadian wind energy installations

    OTTAWA, December 5, 2011 Today the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) celebrated a record year for new wind energy developments by opening trading at the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

  4. David Suski is a fraud, he is also buddy buddy with Maurice Strong that bankrupt Ontario Hydro, with the purchase of property in the rainforest in Brazil. Also in this wind scam is Al Gore, Elizabeth May, Bob Rae, David Peterson, oh don’t forget our great leader Dalton. Wake up Ontario. If they were so great why are these people making so much money off them, and why were the rights of muncipalities taken away from them. WHY!!!

    • Hey Peter,
      from your link:

      The ‘Why not’ – Plan –
      If you’re holding something sharp – it would be wise to put it down.
      It’s an ‘eye jabber’!

      It’s GE’s first solar order from a wind customer and Abate said he’s pushing the hybrid concept to other turbine buyers.

      Offering solar panels may offset an anticipated decline in turbine sales, he said.

      U.S. developers have curtailed orders for 2013 on concern that a federal tax credit for wind energy will expire at the end of this year.

      “It wasn’t until of late that costs came down enough for solar to make sense,” Abate said Jan. 20 in an interview.

      “Plugging them in to wind farm locations, you already know the community,

      how to get the permits and secure interconnections to the grid.”

      Because winds are strongest at night and solar panels produce power only during the day,

      installing both at one project location will lower costs for both and make forecasting output more predictable, he said.

      “If you control the wind farm and the solar, the concept of intermittency is more manageable,” Abate said.

      • 1 inch of bird poop or snow = 36 inches of blockage or non producing surface.
        Blade flicker makes it untenable, a scam within a scam,if the subsidies are there.
        Then there is the bird kill hitting them all.
        Back in 2007 (before I read the TRUTH) I spoke with Vestas about this, they didn’t think it was a good match.Time’s change thou……………

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