Manitoulin Island band wants wind projects delayed

By Ruth Farquhar, Sudbury Star
I was driving through M’Chigeeng the other day and wondered how long it will be before the two industrial wind turbines are up and running. Nothing much has happened since they were erected on the bluff. They don’t even have any lights on them. (I hope they aren’t on anyone’s flight path.) The big wind project on MacLean’s Mountain, near Little Current, is awaiting approval from the Ministry of the Environment. Two things have happened that may have impact on this and any upcoming projects for the Island.  Read article

3 thoughts on “Manitoulin Island band wants wind projects delayed

  1. Yes, it’s that time of year again when we start to plan a summer vacation.

    And no, we won’t be re-visiting Rockgarden Terrace Resort on Manitoulin Island until the threat of furthur IWT installations is removed from this treasured tourist destination.

    Contrary to Northland Power’s assertion, nobody, with the possible exception of Jutta and a few of her friends, gets all gooey at the sight of an industrial zone on a pristine, uncommercialized and unspoiled paradise like Manitoulin Island.

    The powers that be up there would be wise to take a long, hard look at their proposed course of action.

    Hopefully, common sense and sanity will prevail.

    • Know exactly what you mean. Why go to another place that has the same underlying current of irritation? Ontario is not a place to discover now when it’s all being industrialized. People won’t have to go too far to see these monstrosities once all the approved FIT projects are completed. They really stand out and are going to change the look, the enjoyment and the wildlife of Ontario forever. Way to douse morale McGuinty.

  2. The Green Energy Act not only removed local planning control but also removed property rights. IWT developers think they can go to Manitoulin Island and do as they please.

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