Wind Turbines – Goshen Wind Energy Center

8 thoughts on “Wind Turbines – Goshen Wind Energy Center

  1. Simple but very effective. I like it (the video that is) Its that simple, quiet sunny day becomes a loud annoying sunny day with no reduction in CO2!

  2. Peaceful and natural farmland supporting families in and outside of Huron County BEFORE Wind Development…………….NOW………..Uninhabitable!!!!!!!!

  3. devestating! I used to love my country home in Haldimand. Now I wonder how I can get out before I have to live with that too!

  4. It looks like measels,,, a plague, Great video. Shows folks how this is spreading like a wildfire. Those poor neighbours living in the middle of all that. Someone will go postal,

  5. I also live at ground zero in West Lincoln. The turbines proposed here are 3MW and 60 stories tall. The leased farmers get wealthy from their lucrative contracts and my equity is devalued 40% or unsaleable. It was a peaceful friendly community and I feel justifiably angry with them because they were so anxious to sign the contracts and did not do the research that would red flagged them into non compliance with the sweet talking developer. A mental picture of these tall sky scraper alien structures in this rural setting sickens me.

    • Has anyone in your area done any measurements on far back these turbines are from property lines and road-right-of-ways? Not just the road itself.

  6. We went camping this past summer at the Pinery. What a beautiful park! The largest remaining Oak Savannah in North America, will now be surrounded by wind turbines. What a shame…
    We won’t be going back. Not now. The last thing I’d want to hear at night as I lay there and listen to the sounds is wind turbines! I’m just glad we got to see the area before it is ruined.

  7. We where camping at Our Ponderosa at the bottom of the hill. Above it is a turbine, can’t believe
    the noise it can generate.. Will never go there camping again!!..
    We live in the Goshen area.. Woe is us, the ruling goverenment, really don’t care about anyone..
    just their back pockets..

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