Politicians ready to walk out on premier

By Jon Radojkovic, Owen Sound Sun Times
Most of Chatsworth’s councillors will be ready to walk out over the wind turbine issue when Premier Dalton McGuinty gives his keynote speech at the upcoming Ontario Good Roads Association meeting in Toronto. Council passed a motion Wednesday supporting a resolution from Arran-Elderslie for the province to place a moratorium on all wind turbine construction until concerns about them are addressed. Arran-Elderslie’s motion was partly based on an Ontario Federation of Agriculture call for a one-year moratorium beginning Feb. 20. Arran- Elderslie has also asked all municipal representatives to walk out of the good roads meeting when McGuinty gives his speech Feb. 27 if a moratorium isn’t in place.

Mayor Bob Pringle cautioned councillors that leaving while the premier is speaking may damage their relationship with the province, but he said he is ready to walk out “as long as all the other municipalities did so and we were unified.

“The government is just not listening,” Pringle said.

The OFA’s position is that the province is not listening to rural Ontario’s concerns over wind turbines, which include health related issues, the cost of wind power, setbacks and the lack of municipal input.

Coun. Cornelius Vlielander was the lone voice opposing the walkout.

“They (wind towers) work very well in Holland,” he said.

20 thoughts on “Politicians ready to walk out on premier

  1. Maybe the Dutch people don’t have property rights but Canadians do have property rights! And other rights as well!

  2. IF all Municipal Politicians adopted this type of behaviour WE, their employers, not their surfs, wouldn’t be in this position in the first place! When did elected officials at the Township level begin to think they “worked for the Premier”?
    I told my local Mayor this week that he and his fellow Councillors were elected BY THE PEOPLE to work FOR THE PEOPLE and not Dalton McGuinty and he looked at me like I had 3 ears!!!
    What the HECK?

    • Hey big greenie, I agree with you, but don’t insult the ‘surfs’ to rhyme with smurfs. I think you means serfs as in the feudal age. Nevertheless, I think Municipal Councils are finally realizing (as do all the nincompoops who wanted more of McGuinty) that the cookiie jar is empty and they are not going to get more goodies for fuzzxy feel good social programs and they might all of a sudden also realize who their employers are when the ratepayers start walking out on them — same goes for the ratepayers. Interview and get in writing their platforms BEFORE elections. Then take on the responsibility of voting for responsible representation.

      • Sorry Karen
        You are Right!I meant serfs but I was just so darned excited to hear finally some Councils actually ARE honest and have courage that I got carried away!……

  3. “They (wind towers) work very well in Holland,”…huh?!?! Just another example of how naive people are.

  4. Coun. Cornelius Vlielander was the lone voice opposing the walkout.
    “They (wind towers) work very well in Holland,” he said.

    I do believe Coun. Cornelious Vlielander needs a little update on Holland before he opens his mouth.
    Wind turbines are so expensive that Holland recently became the first country in Europe to abandon its EU renewable energy target, announcing that it is to slash its annual subsidy by billions of euros. (Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1361316/250bn-wind-power-industry-greatest-scam-age.html#ixzz1lMNwO468
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1361316/250bn-wind-power-industry-greatest-scam-age.html#ixzz1lMNwO468)

    “NIMBY” isn’t an America-specific phenomenon. One of Amsterdam’s free daily newspapers had an article about Urk, Netherlands, where there has been quite a backlash against windmills. The article actually is entitled, “Windmolen? Niet in mijn achtertuin”. And we all know what that means.

    • NIMBY has a new meaning. For anyone willing to sit back and let the Liberals run rough-shod over many rural Ontario residents I want to remind them that Next It Might Be You!

    • The term NIMBY has been applied to rural Ontarians to cover up the fact that IWTs have been forced on them and to cover up the real issues associated with IWTs.Rural Ontarians only object to IWTs because they plain don’t like them and for no good reasons.
      Rural Ontarians have established sound reasons for objecting to IWTs being forced on them and this is the message that needs to get out to the general public.Anyone would object to IWTs for these same reasons both urban and rural.
      The IWT developers are installing turbines on farms that are too small to accomodate them without infringing on neighbours property rights.
      Causing serious health problems due to IWTs & refusing to listen to “noise” complaints
      Damaging the environment
      Killing birds and bats that are vital to agricultural needs
      Withholding vital safety infromation about IWTs and claiming IWTs are safe when they are not safe.
      Took away local planning
      Gave renewable energy developers excessive FITs
      Caused inflation by increasing energy prices
      Driving Ontarians into energy poverty
      And the list goes on!

  5. Placed a comment in the wrong box — should be here:

    Councillors show the Premier your backsides!

  6. At least these guys are willing to make a stand. I’m ashamed to live in Haldimand where council votes in favour of taking money from the very poeple who are causing anguish for so many. Don’t count on Haldimand to pull the moon. Their heads are busy up there.

  7. We showed him at election time, lets show him again. Dalton’s words mean nothing when he completely ignores all of rural Ontario!!!!!!

  8. Coun Vlielander’s comments are the infuriating dumb retorts that pro-wind enthusiasts bring up when they have no rational arguments.
    In terms of geography, economics, land mass, resources, population climate and energy requirements, Ont has almost nothing in common with the Netherlands. Canals work pretty well in Holland too, should Ont, spend billions dreging between the lakes for water transport?
    It makes about as much sense as investing in “windmills”.

  9. I as a rural person for one am completely
    Sick of letting some city boy tell us how,
    And what to do! We already burn the big
    Cities Garbage at our dumps, spread thier
    Crap from their waste sites on our fields,
    Now we are supposed to host the giant
    Turbines to feed power back to them, turning
    Our homes into an industrial homeland!
    Oh dont forget we supply their meat and all
    Other types of food as well. Is this all a take
    Take situation folks?
    Im not seeing any thanks from the cities, in
    Return just name calling! How dare dalton
    Take away our voices to save rural ontario!

    Our song Oh Canada needs changing then
    Glorious and free to muted and bought out!

    This all coming from the man with all the
    Stupid ideas, persons having to pay now for
    C sections and knee surgeries.( yes what
    Luxuries to want to walk or give life)
    And up the retirment age to 67 cuz we now
    Live longer! Ha bs to that my grandparents
    And GREAT aunts and uncles reached well past
    Their 80’s and 90’s. My aunts and uncles
    Now have pasted at 47 , 63, 64. Weve attended
    3 funerals in a week and a half with 2 in their
    50’s, and one 64. Far cry from the good old
    Days of living in your own home well into
    Our 90’s.

    Dalton looks the other way and fails to see
    any health concerns there simply isnt any
    Dont you know. Kills thousands of wildlife
    Oh well…this is not the type of person that
    Would trust to scoop dog poop!
    Let alone make such drastic decisions for
    Our land! He needs to go!! A revolt to kick
    Him out would be great while we still have
    An Ontario left!

  10. WALK OUT!
    If you have a council that claims to want a moratorium – write them, phone them – tell them you want them WALK OUT on DALTON! This is the equivalent of rural Ontario giving him the finger, with everyone else looking on….

    Have you ever saw such a beautiful motion?

    January 23, 2012

    Whereas the Ontario Federation of Agriculture which is Ontario ‘s largest farm organization has asked Premier McGuinty and the provincial government to suspend the building of Industrial Wind Turbines across the province as of January 20, 2012;

    And Whereas dozens of municipalities across this province have repeatedly asked for a moratorium on the construction of Industrial Wind Turbines until questions such as health concerns of people living in proximity to the Industrial Wind Turbines, proper setbacks of Industrial Wind Turbines, devaluation of neighbouring properties, decimation of the rural landscape, and destruction of wildlife habitats are properly studied and addressed;

    And Whereas many of these municipalities have asked for the province to hand back the planning authority for Industrial Wind Turbines, but to no avail;

    And Whereas the Ontario Auditor General has even tried to explain to this government the serious errors being made under the Green Energy Act with regards to more jobs being lost than created, the consumer and taxpayer subsidizing the Industrial Wind Turbine projects to create huge profits for large off-shore companies while making electricity very expensive for the citizens of this province, or the implications of decommissioning Industrial Wind Turbines twenty years from now;

    Thereby Be It Resolved that the Municipality of Arran-Elderslie, along with all other municipalities across this province who share these concerns regarding the damaging and devastating repercussions within our communities, hereby request that the Premier invoke an immediate moratorium of one year, with yearly extensions as required on the construction of Industrial Wind Turbines within the Province of Ontario until the concerns noted above are properly studied and addressed.

    Further Be It Resolved that this moratorium be put in place before the ROMA/OGRA 2012 Conference starting February 26, 2012.

    Further Be It Resolved that if the moratorium is not announced prior to the start date of the conference, that all municipal officials in attendance at the conference representing municipalities in opposition to the autocratic and dictatorial processes utilized by the government in establishing the Green Energy Act, shall leave the room immediately when the agenda reaches the point that the Premier or his designate addresses the conference, in a show of solidarity to once again demonstrate to our provincial government our frustration, anger and disappointment over their complete and total mishandling of the Green Energy Act and Industrial Wind Turbines in particular.

    Further, that this motion shall be forwarded through the AMO to all municipalities in the Province of Ontario , Premier McGuinty, Local Members of Provincial Parliament, the Minister of Energy and the Minister of the Environment.

  11. Political revolt in the UK as well!

    “A total of 101 Tory MPs have written to the Prime Minister demanding that the £400 million-a-year subsidies paid to the “inefficient” onshore wind turbine industry are “dramatically cut”.

    The backbenchers, joined by some MPs from other parties, have also called on Mr Cameron to tighten up planning laws so local people have a better chance of stopping new farms being developed and protecting the countryside.”

  12. I predict “an urgent matter” will pop up on Feb. 27, the day he is supposed to appear. He will then send some bureaucrat to deliver a message, or it will be sent via a letter with a request for it to be read out loud to the group.

  13. He will probably pop up on Skype and deliver some BS message in the safety of his Pink Palace’s bunker……………he and his henchman don’t have the courage to face the electorate face to face……they hide behind hired help (Drummond) and make their announcements inside business men’s lunch rooms!
    One word: Gutless!

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