South Dundas wind farm opponents determined to fight project

By Greg Peerenboom, Cornwall Standard Freeholder
SOUTH DUNDAS — The group opposed to a large wind turbine farm isn’t about to give up, despite failing to twist the arms of township council. South Branch Wind Opposition Group (WOG) spokesperson Leslie Disheau said WOG will continue efforts to stop ProWind from erecting 14 625-foot towers on land around Brinston, north of Morrisburg. South Dundas council passed their endorsement of ProWind on Jan. 17. Read article

5 thoughts on “South Dundas wind farm opponents determined to fight project

  1. 625 ft IWT it would need land ~ 2,000 feet wide or 1,000 ft on either side of the turbine for safety reasons and not to infringe on the property rights of neighbours. Set back from the public road right-of-way 1,000 ft. Turbines need ~ 3.5 x the height of the turbine to accomplish this. Are these turbines going to be placed on enough land to safely accommodate them?
    Not many Ontario farms would be ~ 750 meters wide as this 3/4 of 1km. Objecting neighbours should send notices of intent to sue if these requirements are not met.


    • And skyscrapers don’t have revolving blades to throw debris on people. Even a small stone shot by a slingshot can be deadly. Ice and bone fragments coming off an IWT with the force of “grapeshot” from a cannon.

  2. What you say and do – matters!

    The Township of South Dundas – ‘Get more out of life’
    Click – Feedback

    ‘[excerpt] South Dundas council passed their endorsement of ProWind on Jan. 17.

    “I am stunned council has decided to wash its hands of this issue, an issue that has negatively affected the health and property values of many other rural Ontario communities,” Disheau said in an email to council.

    The general consensus of council was there was little council can do to influence the provincial government.

    Ontario’s Green Energy Act supercedes municipal legislation.

    Disheau said her group and other members of the public felt “muted” during ProWind’s last open house on Jan. 10.

    She said a last-minute change of format, not allowing residents to counter any answers given by ProWind’s representatives, allowed the company to “control their message without being accountable to the public.”

    WOG was also dismayed that provincial/municipal agencies such as the ministries of environment and natural resources, the Eastern Ontario Health Unit and the South Nation Conservation Authority had not been asked by ProWind to attend and provide input.

    World Watching!
    It’s despicable!
    Citizens now, on their own – to push back against the provincial government.

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