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32 thoughts on “Important Appeal Underway – Your Donations are Urgently Needed!

  1. Thank you for this phrase that needs to be front and centre now:
    “This case has successfully shown that the debate should not be simplified to oneabout whether wind turbines can cause harm to humans. The evidence presented tothe tribunal demonstrated that they can, if facilities are placed too close toresidents. The debate has now evolved to one of degree.”

    Secondly, the government or the industry is unable to measure the ‘long wave’ noise, that is really vibrational movements of the air between the IWT and the receptor (Hate this word) [should read people]

    So this is like driving a car without a speedometer or running a nuclear plant without any radiation protection gear.

    Shame on the McGuinty Liberal government and shame on Bently for being McGuinty’s parrot.

    The setbacks need to increase ~5 km maybe, and/or voluntary buy-out policy.


  2. I believe the future of so many Ontarians rides on the outcome of this project!
    I wish my family would have had the fore-knowledge about the Kent Breeze Project that is now available.
    We were in the dark, living our lives, unaware of the devastating consequences that the Industrialization of our back yard would befall us!
    Sure we went to one of the farcical meeting put on by the host company!
    At least back then the format was more organized with an open question and answer period where you could hear and concerns and your questions could be heard by all.
    Unlike the open house format that they host now, where you walk around a room like you would your child’s science fair!
    I wish that i could go back in time to May the 2nd., when i first felt the adverse affects of the IWT’s , while the Tribunal was in session and declare to them all what it was doing to me!
    Back then i had no clue who to contact. All i could do was send my complaints to the project manager of the Kent Breeze project with whom i had been in contact with back in 2009.
    He said he would forward my message to the people in charge. So I believe that they were aware of my plight while they were deliberating in the Chatham-Kent Tribunal.
    In my opinion the outcome of that Tribunal was flawed.
    I know that i can’t change the past, but if my family can help change the fate of future projects we have to at least try!
    Turbine McLeod #5 is positioned directly inline approximately 1.14 km from my house, from my bedroom! It causes my family and i illness almost daily!
    It is worse when the wind is its strongest but is felt and heard when the wind is still at its weakest.
    It is wrong to have to leave the comfort of your home to find peace of mind and quite!
    So is it too late for us? Will the Government change their mind and shut down the project behind us?
    I am feeling doubtful in that respect, but there is still so much Hope remaining for people living in the vicinity of proposed projects!
    The Setbacks MUST be investigated and adjusted so as not to cause this kind of harm to other families!
    As for a buy-out package? Yes, they should pay… But… Why should we be forced from our homes?
    Where will we go if they don’t change the rules?
    There will be no where else to live in Ontario if the Liberal Government continues on its path or rural destruction!

    • Well said. This is a tyrannical way to treat citizens of Ontario. Hard working, contributing members of society are being treated like Serfs, considered inconsequential. The Master Plan of Dalton McGuinty doesn’t include the citizens of Ontario.

      • Dalton’s hated NIMBY has become NILBY (not in Liberal backyard)!

      • Eco-nuts are running the power show here and they can’t understand reasoned thought.So they must be proven wrong to the general public with written information/evidence.
        IWTs are a failure for many reasons and won’t work no matter where they are placed.But IWTs will cost Ontarians billions of dollars if this folly isn’t stopped.

    • Lisa, with great sorrow, I now find I need to follow your story and become even more vocal in the fight against wind turbine development. You see, I just found out that a lease has been signed for one of these monsters to placed on the farm where I grew up, located just outside of Tuppervile on Oldfield Line.

      Details are sketchy and I’m attempting to find out as much as I can.

      I wanted to let you know that the development company is telling the farmers that they should not be concerned about health effects and ANYONE REPORTING PROBLEMS ONLY WANT THEIR SHARE OF THE ACTION AND ARE IN IT FOR THE MONEY. I think this statement was meant to discredit you and anyone else who experience difficulties.

      I am continuing with my research on this project.

  3. I just responded to the Ontario Highlands Friends of Wind web site. Please read my comments this morning after he responded and asked me to modify my tone! Oh did I modify it! Please blast this site with correct information. He is a host of wind farms in my community. Says they do not bother him! There are none up in this area as yet! He did not answer my 2 simple questions in my original blog that challenged his first statements.

    • Melodie
      I tried to go to the site but couldn’t find any comments from anyone. The Ontario Highlands Friends of WInd site I arrived at had one article dated 2008 and everything else was dated 2007 or before. Doesn’t appear as if anyone is keeping it up to date. Perhaps it is Ontario Highlands Friends of Wind Power site you meant?? Or was it another version of the name??

  4. I found the site by google: Ontario Highland Friends of Wind. The site run by a lease holder with turbines responded to my first comment yesterday. I will try and post the link. She could not answer my question ” How much emissions have been reduced by wind turbines world wide to date? ” Why was the number 550 meters selected as a setback? ” She said she would write about that another time.

  5. Melodie, I deleted your last post.

    I know you’re upset but please keep in mind what I wrote. This is no longer the “Wind Concerns Ontario” website. Please don’t discuss their business or board members here.

  6. McGuinty’s Green Energy “experiment” with real people’s lives, health and homes is a “dismal failure”! He has basically ruined “affordable energy” in Ontario, has ruined Rural Ontario’s ability to have self-determination, has driven our Province into such massive debt with his mad unfettered spending on everything Green that our children’s future in this Province is non existent!
    Yet we have “Friends of Wind” type of people who are so financially invested into this parasitic Industry that they have to literally scream “foul” whenever anyone reveals the truth about the biggest Scam ever perpetrated on the citizens of this Province!
    Sadly these people and politicians will be long gone before WE can repair this damage!

  7. I realize this is off topic but I can see no other way to contact you. Why am I getting snow-flurries on this new site? Hundred of little white dots floating down from the top of the site – most visible on the pictures and darker print. Feel free to delete this comment once someone answers it. Thanks.

  8. wait till it snows a bit harder Mattie , them it drifts and covers over the liberal government and the green energy act, you can call that resistance .

  9. Thanks to all of you above for the humour, with all this IWT garbage that is trying to ruin our Holidays (and not succeeding) we really can use the laughs.
    Merry Christmas to you all and have a wonderful holiday.
    P.S. I Love the snow flakes falling, nice touch.

  10. The only donations asked for on this site will be for local, specific legal challenges or causes. No nonsense.

    Your donation will be sent directly to the people involved (such as Harvey, who is handling this legal appeal).

      • If the only people allowed to testify in the Zepher appeal are deemed “experts” then the outcome will be the same. All that will be presented to the tribunal are arguments among experts. At least courts in the UK can no longer decide arguments among experts in any field. Under English Common Law this has set a prescedent for other courts also under English Law and Ontario is one of those places. Judges aren’t allowed to rule on which experts are correct. Lawyers already know this.
        Go ahead but don’t expect anything to change as far as the outcome is concerned.

  11. Is there a single IWT project anywhere in Ontario that has not resulted in people becoming ill? Statistically, what are the chances of this one not resulting in health issues for nearby people? How often do we have to have these sites erected before we can say with mathematical confidence that any one site WILL cause harm to humans? What confidence level would be needed to convince the tribunal? Perhaps some mathematically inclined person (or interested horserace bookie) could figure out the odds (I know,there are all kinds of factors involved that I have ignored that prevent this type of calculation from being done!)

  12. University of Waterloo, David L. Johnson, President & Vice Chancellor
    Board Members Affiliated With David L. Johnson include:
    Louis D. Hyndman, Enbridge Inc.
    Richard W. Ivey, Livgroup Investments Ltd.
    John N. Turner, Northland Power
    Anthony P. Franceschini, Stantec Consulting Inc.
    Jane E. Page, Sustainable Development Technology Canada
    Charles F. Coffey, Sustainable Development Technology Canada

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