Ontario green energy prices under review behind closed doors

by John Spears, Toronto Star
In closed rooms at Queen’s Park, bureaucrats and policy-makers are poring over submissions about how much you should pay for renewable energy. Many of the submissions have not been publicly released.  And while the policy-makers labour in private, discussion among non-government officials has also been muted.  For example, a coalition of green energy groups assembled dozens of like-minded “thought leaders” for a discussion of Ontario’s renewable energy policy late last year.  They decried the lack of public understanding of energy policy — then agreed that their own discussions should remain private.  Read article

13 thoughts on “Ontario green energy prices under review behind closed doors

  1. This absolutely “rich”!…………….they really really think they are “thought leaders”!!!!
    “— then agreed that their own discussions should remain private.”
    I can almost name the “players”inside this “think (stink) tank of idiots all rolling the renewable dice to see how much they “think” the Government can get away with in cuts to show how “benevolent” the McGuinty Government will be with us poor souls!
    Kris Stevens of OEASA and his team of “seals”
    Robert Hornung of CANWEA with his entourage of “quackers”
    Colin Andersen, Director and Chief Executive Officer of the OPA and his hand picked “gaggle of Public Employees”
    Did I miss anyone?…………

    • And Jim Wilgar (Aim Powergen)
      He was the one who announced in the Owen Sound paper that the GEA regulations were being released on Sept 24, 2009. No one else knew. Not even the MOE staff I talked to. Incredible how a few windies know more than the bureaucrats that are shovelling the s*** to us.
      Nothing has changed….

      • Do you have or can you get a copy of that paper with this story?

  2. The real problem for the ENGOs and CanWEA is that at least rural Ontarians do understand Ontario’s energy policies and what effects these policies have had and will have on rural Ontarians.

    • Barbara
      If Ontariowoe doesn’t have a copy of the article, we should be able to get it from the library. They keep all back copies of the paper.

      • Make sure the copy/copies you get have dates to go with the article and the name of the publication is also needed for positive identification. Was this insider information?

      • Wind industry lobby groups would have
        been well versed with the eventual GEA
        regulations – they helped write them.

  3. News Bulletin!
    Memo slipped under door –
    – we are down to paid staffers, and blood relatives.
    Maybe citizens should send ‘chocolate chip cookies!
    For Energy!

  4. Barbara,
    Re: Wilgar/ Owen Sound Article
    I’ll see if I have it in my big fat evidence file and send it to the webmaster if I do.

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