Rural Ontario needs a unified voice now

Goderich Signal Star
Ontario has to thank the OFA for stepping up to the plate on the Industrial Wind Turbine issue. They join the Christian Farmers Federation also calling for a halt. Now the National Farmers Union needs to speak out clearly as well. Now more than ever rural Ontario needs a unified voice. Read article

3 thoughts on “Rural Ontario needs a unified voice now

  1. I am disappointed in the position of the CFFO. They have taken a completely un-Christian position – that everyone living within 2 km of a turbine should receive a share of the profits. That in no way would ever stop those sensitive to noise (audible and/or inaudible) from being harmed!!!! Nor would it mend the communities that have been ripped apart by greed and “non loving of thy neighbour” and “non doing unto others…”. Shame on the CFFO!!!!

  2. The present government cannot remove the peoples’ rights so they can make financial promises to IWT developers. This is flat out illegal! Many of the financial promises made to IWT developers are not legal and don’t have to be honoured.

  3. The CFFO and many others have displayed a complete lack of knowledge with regards to IWT “noise” issues. A few simple mathematical checks would have revealed the real flaws in the “noise” information that has been presented to the public by the government and wind developers.

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