Stayner turbine proposal could face more legal action

by Michael Gennings,
STAYNER – WPD Canada, which wants to erect eight wind turbines west of Stayner, could face more legal action, as could Beattie Brothers, which owns the land where the turbines would be situated.  More than 50 landowners against the wind turbine proposal met at the Nottawasaga Community Centre in Duntroon on Saturday, Feb. 4 to discuss their legal options.  Sylvia Wiggins and her husband John own a property on Nottawasaga Concession 6 North, near the proposed site of the turbines, and are leading the legal fight against WPD and Beattie Brothers.  The couple announced a few weeks ago they’ve filed a $2-million lawsuit against WPD and Beattie Brothers and are seeking an injunction against the wind turbine project. Read article

4 thoughts on “Stayner turbine proposal could face more legal action

  1. Beautiful… Just beautiful.. Class action lawsuits are definitly one way to go.. I’d be willing to bet the Beattie brothers , et al,, will sooner or later lose a little sleep over their decisions, once the fat lawsuits start taking place.. Stick it to them, and break it off !! just sayin !!!

  2. Landowners considering a class action suit ?These may be residents that are not willing to allow themselves to be victimized any further.
    McGuinty’s plan is still torpedoing along and everyone is being politically correct and following the process and this includes me . The cards are stacked against us and we are reshuffling but they are the same ol’ deck of cards and McGuinty is relying on us to play by his rules with the GEA . A new deck is needed and the process needs to shift . I would suggest that a class action suit is definitely one shift.

  3. Quite right.
    Now that the USA has or going to approve 2 nukes in Georgia, the tide is certainly turning.It might be a bit late for some of us (the hell it will!)..but some sence,so long as it is not too stinky,might be along soon………
    Class action does take a while thou…….
    Be nice to have funding from the 50 plus landowners to push this puppy through……..Then we can all join in!

  4. Talk to your lawyers. Once one initiates the law suit, a group action can join onto it thereby costing each family less since the paper work is the same as the first suit. This is called Group Action.
    A class action suit is different. If all of Canada launched a suit then it would not be as personal to each of the offended parties. However a class action suit asking for wind power to be stopped completely with good grounds then that is very powerful.

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