The pics wind salesmen don’t show farmers

Middlesex-Lambton Action Group has posted aerial photos.   See them here.See more here.

7 thoughts on “The pics wind salesmen don’t show farmers

  1. I thought they had to be further away from a woodlot than that, or did they get to change the rules again? Chop up more birds that way

  2. How close are some of these IWTs to road -rights-of -way? If too close then safety issues are created for people having the right to use public roads.

  3. No respect for their neighbours, no respect for the environment, no respect for the tax payer, no respect for future generations, no respect for their OWN PROPERTY. Probably no respect for even themselves.


    For those landowners out there who now regret what they’ve participated in, break the silence and you’ll be redeemed.

  4. Greed never seeks redemption. The true heros are the land owners who thought before they fell for this. Can’t imagine signing a contract after being told not to talk to my neighbours about it. It bothers me that the rest of us are still good mannered. I have been at the “open house meetings” I can’t believe how civilized, we, the victims of this death of democracy, all are while we watch the smug phoney smiles on the developers and greedy participants. They stand there and watch us bleed. Our Mayor, with his Samsung commercial. He takes money while we are being robbed of our way of life, our environment, our investments. What does that say about the golden rule in Haldimand and the rest of Ontario? Shame only comes to people with a conscience.

    • Chris Bentley, Dalton McGuinty, have pretty much stated no matter what, they will proceed with placing Industrial Wind Turbines all over Ontario, no matter how current citizens who will be living by them object.
      Statements some people have written are, “the rural people will put a stop to them”. McGuinty has already denied rural dwellers a voice, the NDP are siding with the Liberals, how exactly are we supposed to stop the Wind Turbine Agenda?
      Rural voices are considered small, insignificant, and quite frankly, foreign. Dalton thinks he can run a Province with just urban areas. How does a “small”, foreign rural population become recognized as citizens of Ontario again?

  5. AND another side of the story – if turbines are close to your property it creates ‘Land Sterilisation’ and you CANNOT erect a building within the clearance distance on YOUR OWN PROPERTY!!! Think on that!! We discovered this at a meeting last Thursday night~ !!!!!

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