The imminent destruction of beautiful Amherst Island

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11 thoughts on “The imminent destruction of beautiful Amherst Island

    • Of the 296 landowners on Amherst Island – only 12 signed up for turbines – the other 284 did not.

      • So ~ 5% of the landowners are going to make life miserable for the other 95%. How many of the other 95% will have their property rights infringed on and endure the safety issues caused by IWTs

      • Are similar numbers available for other parts of rural Ontario as those provided above for Amherst Island?

    • Not many parts of rural ON are islands.
      The Clear Creek/Cultus/Frogmore IWT ZONE right on the north shore of Lake Erie just west of Long Point is comparable; a handful of land owners, many of them absentees, are making life, not just miserable, but downright UNHEALTHY.
      Since November of 2008, the Norfolk Victims of IWTs [NVoIWTs] have been petitioning the developer – AIM PowerGen/IPC/IPR – GDF Suez/Plateau Wind, our Norfolk Council, the MoE, the ON govt to mitigate the adverse effect of the 18 Vestas 1.65 MW IWTs all jammed in within a 3 km radius of our tiny community of ~ 140 houses without success.

      • Would you like to the supply numbers including the number of absentee owners or the percentages? Some understand percentages better than numbers and provides the level of support or non-support for IWTs.

  1. The 5% had better get their ducks in line — prepare to be sued. There is nothing in your non-disclosure agreement protecting you from lawsuits when neighbours find the value of their properties have plummeted.

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