Haldimand County to become a rotating scrapyard

5 thoughts on “Haldimand County to become a rotating scrapyard

  1. Nice Mayor!!!!…advocating that “His Township” should become a complete “wasteland”!
    Hope he’s at the Open Roads Meeting so he can tell the anti-wind Mayors why he has taken this stance!
    Tough questions and serious debate should take place at this upcoming event……….at the very least these idiots who have sold their electorate down the river should be taken to task by their “peers”!

  2. As this IWT issue heats up, I think it’s a matter of time before someone loses their coll and things will not be nice !!!IMHO…I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already, to be quite frank.. how much is enough???

    • I’m not sure. Dalton definitely is enjoying his high minded agenda. He makes no apologies, will not even acknowledge rural Ontario. I don’t think there has ever been a Premier to be so divisive as to cause civil unrest in Ontario. And for what? Initially I’m sure he must have thought glory, now, stubbornness?
      The political game is turning back on him, but what a sacrifice the Liberal Party has made for the Industrial Wind Turbine agenda. Families who traditionally voted Liberal for successive generations have no trust with the Liberals.

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