OSEA letter insulted Melacthon/Amaranth residents

Arrogance that knows no bounds

Orangeville Banner The following is part of a series of correspondence between the president of the OSEA and the mayors of Melancthon and Amaranth.
Dear Mr. Stevens:  I corrected you once when you tried to mislead the public by suggesting that municipalities had the decision-making power over wind farms and I am glad to see that you now agree by stating, “You are right to note there is no veto.”  However, you now recommend we read your Municipal Guide “so hopefully this will help you and your staff get up to speed.” 

As a result of this statement, I have received a number of calls from residents, who live, eat and sleep in Dufferin County amongst the largest wind farm in Ontario.

They were totally insulted by your article and wonder why you are inferring we are dumb and stupid and only by reading your guide will we “get up to speed.”

For your information, our municipality has been taken to the Ontario Municipal Board on an appeal for non-decision because the wind company would not complete nor provide the reports and information necessary for the municipality to make a proper decision.

More importantly, we need to recognize from your article that (Ontario Sustainable Energy Association) is an extremely strong lobby group that clearly advises and reviews information for the provincial government and its ministries.

If your article is the measure of your advice to the premier and his ministers, it is indeed a sad day for residents in this province.

Municipalities and residents want their decision-making powers returned to them under the Planning Act! Surely, that message is clear.

Don MacIver,
Mayor of Amaranth

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Dear Mr. Stevens,

RE: Letter to the Editor titled Municipal Powers Explained Feb. 9.

Your original letter wound up in my “junk” email file, presumably because you are not using a secure server.

I was insulted by your comment suggesting that our council and staff were not up to speed. You should be aware that we are (like it or not) the home to the largest commercial wind farm in the province of Ontario.

Our involvement has included: negotiated deals, a project through the (Ontario Municipal Board) and a recently negotiated small project under the Green Energy and Economy Act. We are, sir, up to speed.

You have requested my participation in a forum sometime in March or April. I would consider sitting on that panel on three conditions:

1. You apologize to our council and staff.
2. You get out of Toronto and talk to people where the rubber meets the road.
3. You provide complete details of the agenda and content of your forum.

Bill Hill,
Mayor or Melancthon

9 thoughts on “OSEA letter insulted Melacthon/Amaranth residents

  1. Such an arrogant SOB this Mr. Stevens is.
    And what created the need to insult our town councils and residents this way you might ask? Because Dalton is hanging by a thin green thread and he has been directed and told what to do by these guys the entire time and now he needs them to FIX THINGS.
    Gov’t can’t make a move or statement without consulting OSEA and CanWEA and now it’s almost over. I can hear the artery bulging screaming from behind those big oak doors.
    Sorry Kris, Daddy D, Chris, Jim, Arlene, Doris, Gideon, Georgie, John G, John W., John Bennett, Brad, Brent …and I could go on and on……eventually you lose when you are purposely harming innocent people.
    What a bunch of (insert here) you are!

  2. This York Un trained pile of dog sh#@ is nothing more than a Green Freak who is Georgy Slitherman’s protege!
    He is a coward and what we used to like to call in school, a nerd!
    To have this idiot describe Officials and Citizens as he does is unbelievable! That is what he thinks anyone who doesn’t embrace his insanity really is..”slow and not up to speed”,,,,,,,,,,,,,gather him and his goofy staff at OSEA up along with all the McGuinty Liberals into a huge bag and load them on a good old fashioned Farm Tractor and “fertilize” some Prime Farmland with them next to a Wind Development because that’s about the only use these people are in the scheme of things!!!!!!

      • This province/country is in dire straights because
        we fund utterly useless propogandic agencies
        like OSEA.
        Premier Dad’s version of Hitler’s Reich Ministry
        of Public Enlightenment.
        OSEA’s mission statement is to garner grassroot
        support for community involvement, ownership
        and control of green energy projects. A total
        failure on all accounts.

  3. http://ontario-wind-resistance.org/2012/02/10/spitting-into-the-wind-mcguintys-lies-secrets-and-coverups/'-This is a must see video !
    Sun News Release “Why Ottawa Should Ignore Ontario’s Model on Wind Turbines
    ………………………………………. “People got screwed”……………………………………………
    1. Lack of Democracy-
    -Municipalities have no say.
    -Communities are helpless.
    -No recourse
    2. Setbacks of 1/2 km are not good enough. Risks are unknown.
    3. Low Frequency Noise (LFN) may be causing health effects like sleeplessness, lack of concentration, ringing in the ear; but when Victims complain, they are told they are the only ones affected. A coverup has occured in Premier McGuinty’s Government.
    4. Lack of Research has led Arlene King the Past Minister of Health to do a paper review of the literature to determine there are no health problems. Dr. McMurtry has advised Government to do independent double blind studies, but Government won’t , probably because they are scarred of the answers.
    5. Government paid a Political price by ramming wind turbines through, lost seats, and formed a minority Government.

    I would like to add a few other points regarding wind turbines.
    1. Wind Turbines are not green because they use 2.6 barrels of synthetic wind turbine oil that is changed twice per year at hub height. This oil is poisonous to water. It is needed to keep the gears in the gearbox from micro-pitting, and macro-pitting, that could lead to unbalanced spinning of turbine blades and tower collapse.
    2. Each wind turbine requires 40 ready mix truckloads of concrete for the GE 1.5 MW wind turbines. The turbines proposed are 2.75MW with no further setbacks, and no increased cement base. When wind turbine companies go bankrupt, they simply walk away from their responsibility of decomissioning, leaving the plugs in the fertile cropland forever, and the towers to rust and fall.
    3. Property devaluations are occuring by 40% and higher.
    4. Bats are dying more than birds because their air sacks expand next to the low pressure of the wind turbine, until they burst, and the bat dies from suffocation. This increases mosquito populations.
    5. Coyote populations are increasing and they are attacking farm animals, because when the pack is dispersed, all females are triggered to breed.
    6. The soil is compacting at the base of the wind tower due to the dispersal of soil organisms away from the vibration of the tower. This renders the soil less fertile.
    7. Red blinking lights at the top of the wind towers are disrupting the natural star lite views of rural homeowners.
    8. The high frequency noise is not tested. The low frequency noise is not tested. The audible dBA noise is tested. However, the maximum allowed is 40 dBA, and at night it has been recorded at 60 dBA. The audible noise tests are done during the day, rather than at night. The tests are supposed to run for one hour, but if after 10 minutes the dBA is over 40dBA, the test is shut down, and not recorded. In this way the noise test does not fail. Also, more turbines increases the noise, so rather than have noise tests fail, during noise testing some turbines are shut down and some blades are angled. This is why independent noise testing needs to be done.
    9. The access roads to the turbine cause water to pool and spill out onto farm fields,
    destroying cropland and flooding home basements.
    10. There are no required setbacks if you have leased your land for a wind turbine. Farmers are also victimized.b
    11. Stray voltage is zapping farm animals when they drink, and the animals stop drinking, and eventually get sick and die.
    12.Drinking water becomes cloudy due to the vibration of soil particles at the base of the turbine.
    13. Aerodromes, or airplane landing strips are not protected.

    • Please add:
      14. No evidence of any fossil fuel plant being shut down as a result of wind turbine power worldwide.
      15. Wind is intermittent and inefficient, All wind power needs fossil-fuel backup
      16. As backup plants run at reduced efficiency in preparation for replacing calmed turbines, amount of fuel and atmospheric effect is increased.
      17. Running a complete backup system for wind makes the wind power superfluous. It is no wonder many wind companies are really oil or gas companies. They are getting paid twice, adding billions of dollars to the cost of energy by having two parallel systems.
      18. Farm land should be used to grow food. Turbines occupy some of our best farmland and estimates range from 1 – 4 acres per turbine taken out of production if access roads are included.

      • The present government bought a pig in a poke and won’t admit this.

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