Wind turbines McGuinty’s Waterloo?

by Jim Merriam, London Free Press
Municipal council members throughout rural Ontario are deciding whether or not to turn their backs on Premier Dalton McGuinty later this month.  This drama, if it develops as expected, will play out in Ontario’s biggest municipality, Toronto. But it will have been prompted by one of the province’s smallest, the Township of Arran Elderslie.  The event will be McGuinty’s scheduled speech at the so-called Good Roads convention, perhaps the largest gathering of municipal officials in the province each year. 

The conference is sponsored jointly by the Ontario Good Roads Association and the Rural Ontario Municipal Association.  The issue at stake this year will be wind turbines.

If a walkout develops, it will come about because of a resolution circulated earlier this year by Arran Elderslie to other municipalities in the province.

In part it reads, “Further be it resolved that if the (one-year) moratorium (on wind turbine developments) is not announced prior to the start date of the conference, that all municipal officials in attendance at the conference representing municipalities in opposition to the autocratic and dictatorial processes utilized by the government in establishing the Green Energy Act, shall leave the room immediately when the agenda reaches the point that the premier or his designate addresses the conference, in a show of solidarity to once again demonstrate to our provincial government our frustration, anger and disappointment over their complete and total mishandling of the Green Energy Act. and Industrial Wind Turbines in particular.”

Arran Elderslie is a township of fewer than 7,000. It is home to light manufacturing, but its main economic driver is agriculture and industries that service the agricultural sector.

In fact some of the richest farmland in Ontario is found in the municipality.

Arran Elderslie has been standing up to the province for months on the issues of wind turbine developments and the Green Energy Act.

These protests have been under the leadership of Deputy Mayor Mark Davis, a realtor and farmer who lives in the heart of the township.

Arran Elderslie is bordered by municipalities such as Saugeen Shores and South Bruce, each of which has a large tourism segment. Bruce Power, the major nuclear power producer, sits just off the township’s western border A proposed wind turbine development would see 148-metre (492-foot) turbines built in Arran Elderslie, each of which would create $300,000 worth of power annually at “normal prices,” Davis said in an interview.

However, with McGuinty’s green energy fixation, the price paid for this power could be as high as $900,000 per turbine.

Davis said that fact alone brings the anti-turbine debate into line with the recent Drummond report on reducing Ontario’s spending and eventually bringing the provincial debt under control.

The deputy mayor said many municipal leaders have expressed interest in walking out on McGuinty.

About 15 of the councils known to oppose wind developments without local planning have formally supported the resolution. “But I’m getting lots of calls,” Davis said.

According to other sources, some municipal leaders believe the message has been received by Queen’s Park and are reluctant to take part in a walkout. Others have expressed reservations about the walkout because it would be a show of disrespect for the premier.

The folks in that camp should remember that this is the same premier who has been showing rural Ontario nothing but disrespect since he was elected eight years ago.

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  1. Oh, it would be so great to support the few leaders we have who have the integrity to stand up for their citizens health, property and morale for Ontario.

  2. Walking out on McGuinty would be “a show of disrespect for the premier !!”””What the F@$%# !!!As Jim Merriam says,, this S.O.B has not shown any respect for the people of this province, so he should get none either.. The muncipal politicians that think he deserves respect have their heads buried in the sand.A law of physics says that ” for every reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction”..McGuinty deserves none, in my books..

  3. Wake UP! – WALK OUT
    Campaign to Save Ontario – It’s War!!!!!
    McGuinty ‘Bull$$$$ – while collapsing Ontario’s economy

    ‘[excerpt] The deputy mayor said many municipal leaders have expressed interest in walking out on McGuinty.

    About 15 of the councils known to oppose wind developments
    without local planning have formally supported the resolution. “But I’m getting lots of calls,” Davis said.

    According to other sources,
    some municipal leaders believe the message has been received by Queen’s Park and are reluctant to take part in a walkout.

    Others have expressed reservations about the walkout because it would be a show of disrespect for the premier.

    The folks in that camp should remember that this is the same premier
    who has been showing rural Ontario nothing but disrespect since he was elected eight years ago.’

    Listen to Donald Trump Re: War on Wind

    p.s. Wake UP – No Debate – Walk Out

  4. The ORNGE scandal should be enough of a reason for every Mayor and Councillor that attends ROMA to get up and walk out let alone the devastation he has wrought on Rural Ontarians…..ORNGE crosses all boundaries…….urban and rural alike. This Premier and his gang of thieves are now under Police investigation, even though they would never admit it………McGuinty is disgraceful and hiding from the public view and letting Deb Matthews take the flack for Smitherman’s unholy alliance with a disgraced Doctor..
    How McGuinty will even have the nerve to show up at a meeting with all the municipalities is anyone’s guess, but then he thinks he’s Omnipotent!

    • one of the problems with Ornge is again the media, ever since Duncan’s rant about the papers being anti-liberal they are afraid to speak out. The Windsor Star,his riding, prints very little about this or any other of their boondoggles

    • Thanks Barbara,

      Party Time!
      Calling all Farmers!
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      Gee – I wonder what the entertainment will be?

      • oh – here it is……

        Sounds Luvvish!

        Don’t miss this special Solar Drinks – Ontario’s Renewable Energy Mixer, in partnership with Canadian Clean Conferences

        and the Ontario Feed-in Tariff Forum on April 3 & 4, 2012.

        Join us in the evening of April 4th after a busy day of conferencing to network with old and new colleagues in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

        p.s. all the layers – of building relationships

    • Scroll down to the bottom of the above page to:
      Top advisors & industry leaders,
      Don McCabe,VP OFA

      • Go to Day 2, WIND
        Peter Mertens, Mayor, Prince Edward Co.

  5. Entire System Being Destroyed
    In case you are not aware. Ontario’s entire Eco-system, wildlife population, avian populations are being destroyed at this very moment. We are not far from complete destruction. The cause being INDUSTRIAL Wind Turbines.Decreased food supplies from our land is increasing offshore food imports .Only so many wild animals can fit into the parks and limited green spaces of Toronto.City’s must learn to live with these wild creatures that will walk along side urban dwellers .Even subways will be filled with long delays,as animals will seek refuge in the tunnels(also food source…rats). The streets of Toronto will be filled with coyote,coons,skunks,deer…etc. at night….stalking alleys and streets for food. Parks will no longer be a place of leisure as the bushes will be filled with predators waiting for food. I think you get the picture that rural life of creature and man living in harmony is coming to an end.Soon we will all live in the city together. Your Sunday drive will end as well, as there will be no one to maintain the roads.Say goodbye to your cottage and the feeling of freedom an bravado you experience when VISITING rural Ontario. Your government likes this. Read …Agenda21/ The Green Agenda… And don’t forget to pat yourself on the back…City’s created this mess!…Next election…leave the voting to rural Ontario…stewards of the land…guardians of Ontario!

    ******This is a comment I found in the Star. The story is about turtles, and the protection of such.Seems turtles are being poached as well as legally hunted despite being on a protected list.There is no mention of the Blandings or “kill,harm,harass”. The article is under weekend reads section.


    • McGuinty is exactly on target here with his “Innovation Agenda” (Agenda 21) plans. Destroy Rural Ontario, make everyone look to the cities for accommodation and let the Government vis a vis Industrilal Parasites (Windies) pick up the empty land for peanuts!!!…….4 years ago this was just shouted down as a “conspiracy Theory”…………now it’s a reality and still ongoing!…sad testament to an entire generation of “American Idol and America’s Got Talent” fans!

      • Sent this to the weekend editor at the Star….if it tweaks some interest, it opens the door on the GEA….with what they are writing regarding Ornge, they just might go after this….fingers crossed.


        I read your weekend article regarding the endangered snapping turtle being hunted.
        The story was only about half of what is happening to turtles and other endangered species in Ontario. The Blandings Turtle is classified as endangered. Right now many endangered species are under threat due to Industrial Wind Turbines.Bats for instance provide a very economical,natural solution of insect control of crops that farmers would otherwise be forced to use chemical treatment. Yet bats are being slaughtered by the thousands every night by Turbines. While that may make for healthier coyote population, coyote are a farmers worst enemy(just a couple of examples…it is much more involved). Many recognized habitats and migration routes and flight paths are being destroyed by Turbines. Most of our protected areas are recognized by International groups. Ok, so what is the point that I am trying to make? You may not be aware of this , but Wind company’s are applying for permits to “Kill,Harm,Harass”. I did not make that up, it was a new permit put into the Green Energy Act for the benefit of wind developers. The Blandings Turtle is only one such endangered species and habitat that a wind company has applied for a permit to kill, harm, harass. You must be wondering what country we live in that allows for such, considering we make laws to protect and then make another to circumvent same for certain political and corporate interests. I am speaking about right here…Ontario.

        I have been brief here, there is much more to this subject alone as it relates to the GEA. Other critical problems with the GEA can be found in the Auditor-Generals report, as well as from the many organizations that research the GEA extensively.

        I do hope that consider expanding your coverage of this.


  6. Could Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty’s green-energy contracts be reversed?

    By Lawrence Solomon

    Obligations that are odious should not be honoured. So says the Doctrine of Odious Debts, a theory first postulated by Russian legal scholar Alexander Sack in 1927 that is now increasingly
    accepted by international bodies such as the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund, as well as by today’s legal scholars.

    That doctrine, to date, has been applied chiefly in undemocratic settings, where tyrants callously rack up debts that a hostage citizenry is then expected to repay. It may soon be applied more broadly in democratic states where elected leaders fail in their fiduciary duties, wrongly saddling current taxpayers as well as their children with dubious obligations that do not benefit them, and that they didn’t request.

    In the United States, governments at the state, county and municipal levels are beginning to roll back pension obligations that previous governments had negotiated with civil service unions, arguing that the pensions are unreasonably rich and unaffordable. These odious-debt-type cases between unions and successor governments are expected to ultimately be settled by the U.S. Supreme Court.

    For Canada, let me offer as a test case my province of Ontario, where the government of Premier Dalton McGuinty has embarked on a spending spree in the name of creating green energy jobs. Under McGuinty’s plan, the province will replace its fleet of coal plants — among the cleanest, most reliable and most economical in the continent — with renewable power contracted from developers at windfall rates — as much as 20 times the cost of power from coal plants. Some of the contracts are flipped after signing — the contracts are so ridiculously generous that the same one can generate quick profits for multiple players.

    None of the contracted-for power is needed, except to fuel the aspirations of McGuinty and his government — they boast often that Ontario will be the only jurisdiction in North America to entirely phase out coal plants. The green jobs that the government uses as its rationale are also ephemeral — studies elsewhere show that green energy developments not only fail to add to employment, they typically lead to the loss of more jobs than are created. More evidence of misguided policies: Rather than leading to modest electricity rate hikes, as the McGuinty government initially promised to wide skepticism, his green agenda is now fuelling double-digit annual rate hikes.

    As electricity rates soar in the province during the 20-year terms of the contracts and beyond, Ontario businesses will flee and Ontarians will join the growing ranks of those in fuel poverty. Holders of the contracts, meanwhile, will be gleefully taking in tens of billions of dollars in untoward payments from captive Ontario ratepayers.

    The Odious Debts Doctrine was developed to consider the debts of a despot such as a Saddam Hussein or a Robert Mugabe, where borrowings benefit the dictator and his regime, not the people as a whole. “This debt is not an obligation for the nation; [external] it is a regime’s debt, a personal debt of the power that has incurred it, consequently it falls with the fall of this power,” explained Sack, adding that odious “debts do not fulfill one of the conditions that determine the legality of the debts of the State, that is: the debts of the State must be incurred and the funds from it employed for the needs and in the interests of the State.”

    Are Ontario’s entirely unneeded electricity obligations odious? Somewhere on the continuum between obligations incurred by a Mugabe, a dictator who acts clearly in his own interest, and those incurred by a selfless leader, who incurs debts only for the betterment of his constituents, lies a McGuinty.

    Many argue that McGuinty is failing to live up to his fiduciary duty to the people of Ontario, and that he is committing the present and future generations of Ontarians to obligations in which they had little or no say. In his zeal to push through his plans, McGuinty not only offered outsized payments to favoured suppliers, he even extinguished the traditional rights of communities to object to developments within their boundaries.

    In Canada, a future Ontario government can amend or extinguish the McGuinty contracts by regulation or legislation — parliament is supreme. While that may seem an extreme outcome, the pressure on a future government to do so could become irresistible amid the soaring power rates and declining economy that would result if the McGuinty plan was ever realized. The ultimate lesson for governments: Don’t be a party to investments that could be odious.

    Special to the Financial Post

    • Thanks, Greg for finding this.
      THANK YOU Lawrence Solomon for pulling this article together. Wow, very powerful and thought provoking. Who knew that McGuinty’s personal agenda in regards to the GEA has a name…. “The Odious Debts Doctrine”…. I too have some choice names to call him, and it ain’t Odious. Something a little more colorful comes to mind – but I will let you imagine what they might be.

      By the way, I looked up the word “odious” and the Oxford Concise Dictionary defines it as Hateful or Repulsive.

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