Asphodel-Norwood Council supports turbine moratorium

by Mark Hoult, Community Press
Asphodel-Norwood — Council here wants Queen’s Park to put in place a one-year moratorium on the construction of industrial wind turbines in the province. Council last week joined a growing list of municipalities supporting the Municipality of Arran-Elderslie’s resolution calling on the province to “invoke an immediate moratorium” until concerns about the impact of wind farms on human health, property values, the rural landscape and wildlife habitats have been addressed.  Read article
Note: Strathroy-Caradoc also voted in favour of a moratorium on turbines yesterday.

1 thought on “Asphodel-Norwood Council supports turbine moratorium

  1. They support the resolution but will they have the guts to get up and walk on McGuinty as requested in the resolution – or will they sit on their hands and stare at the floor hoping the
    residents of their municipality don’t find out.
    Everyone should be reminding their council you expect them to carry out your wishes and walk.

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