It’s not your place, Mr. Stevens

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by Barbara Ashbee, Orangeville Banner

I am following the letters from Kristopher Stevens, executive director of Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, a wind lobby group, to the mayors of Amaranth and Melancthon.  I recall there were a number of requests to have senior ministry officials from the province meet with council about some very serious issues in a local wind project and instead they sent district office staff that acknowledged the problems but could not offer any answers when it came to policy questions or mitigation of problems.

And now here is the OSEA stepping in to offer to meet with the mayors and council. What business is it of Mr. Stevens’ to address the problems that our Premier and his ministers have caused? Why is he hosting a webinar with a proposed title Fixing Municipal Powers?

I’d suggest it’s because Ontario officials have no idea what they are doing. Instead of practising due diligence and researching potential outcomes prior to the rushed implementation of this policy, they have been taking advice and direction from wind lobby groups and ENGOs (environmental non-government organizations).

The Ministry of Environment should be protecting our communities, our health and the environment when considering any industrial initiative, yet with wind turbine legislation all precaution evaporated. Problems continue to be denied even with irrefutable evidence of harm.

I have copies of internal ministry memos obtained through a freedom of information request documenting local ministry field officers warning their superiors that there are serious problems and families have been forced out of their homes.

They also advise them that they cannot measure the noise or initiate any abatement measure to assist them. This information never came to light publicly and is just part of the ever growing evidence of neglect.

I look forward to seeing the results of this most interesting webinar.

Barbara Ashbee, Mono

4 thoughts on “It’s not your place, Mr. Stevens

  1. The Municipal Powers got fixed with the Green Energy Act and there are those who intend to keep these powers fixed. Best to put the ENGOs out in front while the real powers & money remain behind the scenes.
    NPR, Al Gore’s Speech,July 17,2008,
    “We’re committed to changing not just light bulbs, but laws. And laws will only change with leadership.”
    Leadership: Gore, Suzuki & Strong?

    • To engage in a dialogue with OSEA gives them creditabilty when they have none and in fact OSEA helped to enact the Green Energy Act to begin with. OSEA should be ignored.

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