Ontario won’t alter local content in green-energy, offshore moratorium remains

By Nicole Mordant, Reuters Canada
(Reuters) – The Canadian province of Ontario’s review of its pioneering green energy program will not alter controversial rules that require local content for all projects, the province’s energy minister said on Wednesday. In an interview with Reuters, Energy Minister Chris Bentley said the review will be complete by the end of March, and, as has been widely expected, will recommend cuts in generous government subsidies for the production of green energy. Bentley would not say how big the cuts will be, however.  Read article

3 thoughts on “Ontario won’t alter local content in green-energy, offshore moratorium remains

  1. This Liberal provincial government lacks the brains and foresight to make a sound business decision when it comes to the welfare of the people here in this province.. They claim to have created 20,000 jobs.. I say… Show them to me .. Prove it..It’s all B.S.. They have driven away more jobs than they can ever hope to recover… They are fixated with this GEA.. The world around us has seen the light.. McGuinty and the green gang has a big ego problem,. They can’t see it.. Tunnel vision..They need to be promptly removed from office IMHO.. The sooner the better.. The damage done is almost irreparable now. !!Instead of leadership, we get these stumble-bums, blindly stumbling along, hoping somehow, it will all turn up roses.. What a legacy these a–holes have left themselves.. History will remember them.. You can take that to the bank..

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