Walker Urges Liberal Backbenchers to Support Moratorium

Meaford Independent
Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker wants Liberal backbenchers to put an end to the rural-urban double standard in Ontario politics and pass a moratorium on wind energy this Thursday at Queen’s Park. “The tale of two Ontarios continues today. When it came to the health concerns of people in Scarborough, Oakville and Mississauga, this government responded by instantly bringing in moratoriums on offshore wind and gas plant projects,” Walker said. “Clearly, this is a double standard. Obviously, there are two sets of rules where, one could argue, the voice, concerns and wishes of the vote-rich cities commands this government while concerns raised in rural Ontario are ignored.”  Read article

21 thoughts on “Walker Urges Liberal Backbenchers to Support Moratorium

  1. I hope this plea has favourable response but if the NDPs would support the bill it would be a good start!

  2. OKAY NDPs & LIBERALS do the right thing and support the bill for your residents in rural Ontario. This is suppose to be a democratic society so lets prove it! Support the farmers who will supply your food now and in the future.

  3. Good for Walker.

    Maybe a miracle will happen and some of the brain-dead sycophants on the government’s side will defect, and then maybe the NDP will come around too.

    Wait — that would be two miracles!

    Oh well, while I’m in this fantasy-land of miracles, I may as well hope for a third one, which would be for Hudak to put together a coherent position on wind turbines , too.

  4. if this is defeated the rural people must take control in a rebellion. All forces join together and demand the Liberals resign. The Liberal Governmnet only has the power as long as the electors allow it, The power is in people’s hands to remove wind turbines on the basis like dangerous drugs, baby’s car seats and cribs are with no compensation It has been proven they are dangerous to the health of people, We need no more studies

    Do what Quebec , and Newfoundland are idoing, That is produce very clean,very low cost electricity in our northenr rivers and sell it as a great profit to the United States – Like over 2 billion in profit to lower electric bills.ion Quebec,

    There is nothing to support the McGuinty Liberasl who are incompetent, put us into major debt, the interestof which is over 10 billion dolalrs taken from health, education and lower taxes. The Liberals have given us the highest electrtic bills in Canada, driven out indutry and commerse with its anti government policies and high taxes and electricity,It has been the reason for the loss of uncountable jobs and laughs at electos..Let us stand together protest all over Ontario, March by the tens of thousands on Queens Part and oust McGuinty

  5. Trevor; In all due respect, I`m thinking, but correct me if I`m wrong:
    As far as I have seen/heard, Hudac has indeed put together a very coherent position on IWTs, which has been in effect,since long before the Oct. 6/11, Ontario election/IQ test, which most Ontario voters scored horrendously low in.
    The only incoherence in Hudacs message, that I can see , is the result of socialist/corruption supporting media like the Red Star, & all the Torstar family of bias, communist/socialist rags.
    Hudac calls for an immediate halt, ( moratorium),on all IWT construction,regardless of the stage they are at, in Ontario, until after a real & valid, in depth study, on all adverse effects of wind, solar, bio-mass energy sources, is complete.
    He has recently stated, that Ontarios` future depends on cheap energy prices, period.
    That effectively rules out wind & solar.
    That, to me, is coherence, big time!
    One must also consider this is politics, which means one must get elected to make changes, and getting elected means one must appeal to the majority of voters. So being that most voters minds have been compromised by lefty media lies, one must be very careful what he or she says, before winning power. Only after winning power, can one start to educate the public, on the lies they have been led to believe, by Lefty Pols. & corrupted climate science.You have to read between the lines.
    Hudac isn`t a scientist, unlike Mr.(Dr.?) Colby, so he can`t pretend to know more than he does, as he`s not a Liberal pol…..or no?

    • Douglas: Thanks for pointing out the policy which I didn’t know about. I had checked the Ontario PC website before adding the third miracle but found nothing; upon re-checking after seeing your comment, I found it under “news” which didn’t have a drop-down menu, so I (incorrectly) assumed there wasn’t any. There is no mention of energy anywhere else on the website that I could find.

      You’re right, you do have to read between the lines, perhaps for the reasons you suggest or for other reasons. In any event, it IS something, and it’s better than nothing. I will say that I think Mr. Hudak needs to learn that a big part of policy has to do with articulating it.

      • Yes, I agree Trevor. Some say his lack of articulation on policies, cost him the election. It was said to have been his handlers, holding him back. However, the election is history, so no excuse now.

      • Who were the handlers? Are they still active behind the scenes?

  6. In the unlikely event that MPP Thompson’s bill
    would be passed, the governing party still controls
    which bills get called for final reading. Therefore
    this bill would never see the light of day.
    i.e. PC’s backed NDP bill to nix HST on home
    heating bills in Nov’11, Liberals haven’t and
    will not call this bill for final reading.

    • Good point. And you are correct. Even minority governments can serve a dictatorship.
      It’s a good start, but from what I understand, private member bills rarely become law.

      “Democracy, the worst form of government except all the rest”.

      • You are probably right about this bill going nowhere but it does flush out where MPPs stand and this should be done as often as possible so the electorate has no doubts about where each MPP stands on these issues.

    • The above article has two references for wind power and how useless it is.
      1.”The Elements of Political Economy”, Boston 1838 by Francis Wayland.
      2. “The Coal Question”, London 1865 by William Stanley Jevons. This is available free online.
      How usless industrial wind power is has been known for more than 300 years.So there is no reason why people should persist in promoting this fantacy. Tried in a vain attempt to drain mines in 1708 in Scotland.

      • Today’s IWTs don’t work for the same reasons they didn’t work 300 years ago.

  7. It was pretty clear where the MPPs stood on the last major vote on wind turbines, Dec 1. The NDP are solidly with the Liberals, or even more pro-wind if such a thing is possible.

    • The Liberals are wishy-washy in their IWT support. The NDP are solid supporters of all supposedly clean energy and things green. People wanted some NDP resp — they go them and now things are worse. Gotta love it.

      • Right, people were warned aboutt the NDP renewable energy positions prior to the last election but ignored this. Fooled by a promise to return more local control?

  8. We should have had the foresight to have SECEDE signs made up for the March 8th Rally at Queen’s Park. Hopefully we will have them at the April 3rd Convention Centre. A picture of hudreds of those signs sure would make a press headline.

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