Liberal Backbencher won’t support moratorium

by Heather Boa and John Robbins, Bullet News
NIAGARA – A Progressive Conservative private members bill calling for a moratorium on all industrial wind energy development until third party health and environmental studies have been completed will be brought forward in the Ontario Legislature today.   But the proposed legislation won’t have the support of Niagara Falls MPP Kim Craitor.  “I think this is their third or forth time trying to do this,” Craitor said, adding he believes the bill is just another attempt to scuttle the Liberal government’s green energy policies.  Read article

8 thoughts on “Liberal Backbencher won’t support moratorium

  1. Craitor….a Traitor to the cause…He obviously supports the Ontario Liberals War Against Affordable Energy……A typical Liberal Vote-Monkey !!!!

  2. Craitor believes the bill is just another attempt
    to scuttle the Liberal gvmt’s green energy policies.

    Very perceptive gentleman.
    Are all politicians idiots?

  3. So Craitor thinks that this is just another attempt to scuttle the Liberal government’s green energy policies?

    And who in their right mind would want to scuttle policies that are all working out just fine except for a few little glitches here and there, such as:

    – the policies aren’t “green” (no CO2 reductions);
    – the policies are driving electricity prices through the roof (we’ll soon have the highest prices in North America, with nothing but more increases into the foreseeable future);
    – there are serious health-related matters associated with wind turbines that require study;
    – the policies have made elected rural municipal representatives into eunuchs and are thereby driving a huge wedge into the already large urban/rural divide;
    – there are no identifiable “green” jobs and there may well be a net loss of jobs (according to the cautious statements by the Auditor General);
    – the mismatch between undispatchable generation being built as a result of FIT and the needs of the province is creating increasing operability problems for the IESO; and
    – similar policies elsewhere in the world are being dismantled because they are unsustainable.

  4. This person ( I call him a person because he is not a man) is only concerned with one thing.. His government pension.. Nothing more. So he does not need to know anything, just don’t rock the boat, and chant the liberal mantra..A loser by all accounts..

  5. Affordable Energy, the only energy that would be is nuclear. Or we could have signed up to Manitoba Power( water) and be paying 5 cents a Kilowatt, but know we had to have wind and solar a scam, starrring the Green Party( Elizabeth May) George and Dalton the Liberals, David Suskie, Al Gore , Paul Martin, John Cherist, lets check there bank accounts, oh yes I forgot David Peterson, to mention a few. The liberals and the NDP and the Greens are all in this together, it is making them all a lot of money at the expense of the tax paper. Read the cloak of Green.

    • And exactly how many of these people happen to find themselves living next to an Industrial wind generating plant? Correct, and none of the above, or their friends, families, or aquaintances will ever have to experience that. This in a nutshell is what is totally morally bankrupt in McGuinty’s Liberal wind subsidy farm scheme.

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