The chopping block 2012

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In the Ontario legislature on Thursday, Conservative Opposition Leader Tim Hudak plans to introduce a bill to end the Liberal government’s billion-dollar wind and solar power subsidies. Known as feed-in tariffs, the subsidies pay wind and solar producers rates for electricity that are well above the cost of power from gas and other sources of electricity.

Much will depend on the details, but Mr. Hudak is sending the right signals – signals Ottawa should heed. Federal spending on wind and solar power is not huge, but it exists, scattered here and there. One example: the Wind Power Production Incentive Contribution Program has $28-million allocated for next year, on top of the $32-million spent last year. Ottawa’s Farm Credit Corporation lends cheap money to farmers in Ontario. What a deal! Subsidized loans to get subsidies from the provincial feed-in tariff programs. On it goes.

A recent report by the Global Warming Policy Foundation shows the British government is subsidizing £120-billion ($188-billion) in wind projects to secure electricity that could be had from £$13-billion worth of gas plants. In the United States, wind and solar subsidies and tax incentives are under pressure. See the Wall Street Journal editorial at right.

The Chopping Block 2012 is a series on how Ottawa could cut spending by $10-billion.

5 thoughts on “The chopping block 2012

  1. It’s too bad Harper wouldn’t grow a pair and stand up to this wind turbine nonsense….but he won’t.

  2. good luck Ontario! Yes, here in the US subsidies and tax breaks are under pressure, but the wind companies and the friends of these billion dollar handouts just keep adding amendments to different bills. They keep adding these handouts as amendments to different bills to see if they (wind/solar) can sneak them through so the public doesn’t know what’s going on until it’s too late. .

    • IWTs and solar will continue as many states have mandates for renewable power. New financing for renewable power is planned using green bonds and not subsidies.
      IWTs won’t stop until the state mandates are removed.

  3. Barbara… you are right, It’s one battle at a time. Stop the money, stop the mandates. But, it seems like sometimes, polititians don’t have the sense they were born. Or, maybe it’s just easier to listen to smooth talking lobbyist they see every day in the halls, and ignore the public that takes off work; pays for their own gasoline to drive many miles to testify at a hearing. Keep fighting the battles…

    • One big problem is the ENGOs who claim to speak for the people and have big money to spread around to influence votes both in the states and in Washington.

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