Haldimand Norfolk voters show displeasure after wind-turbine moratorium bill rejected

By John Crawford, CD89.9
People in the public gallery at the Ontario Legislature–including some from Haldimand-Norfolk–turned their backs on the McGuinty government yesterday.  Literally.  After the Liberals and New Democrats made sure a private member’s bill calling for a wind-turbine moratorium didn’t pass, spectators stood up and turned their back to the politicians.

The bill was proposed by Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson.

Outside of local protesters, there were others in the gallery from her riding as well as Amherst Island.

Local MPP Toby Barrett says on Twitter the move was ‘classy’, but ‘chilling’.

The proposed bill called for a moratorium on further wind-turbine development until third-party social, physical and economic health and environmental studies have been done.

7 thoughts on “Haldimand Norfolk voters show displeasure after wind-turbine moratorium bill rejected

  1. Any further public displays in front of Queen’s Park should incorporate this move ………….. protesters should turn their back on Queen’s Park while protesting………it could be the “signature move” in all future protests!

  2. I agree with you,thebiggreenlie..I still would like to see more people publicly call for McGoofy’s resignation..Every day that S.OB remains in power, just puts this provinces economy further into the tank..This provincial government is a total disgrace and an embarrassment to Canada..I’d also bet it’s the worst one also, in the history of Canadian politics. History will note this…..

  3. Hear hear Sparky, OUST McGUINTY NOW! Call for a non confidence. Ask your MPP to call for a non confidence.. 200 years from now it will still suck to be McGuinty!

  4. Shame on Tim Hudak and his 8 MPP,s for not supporting their own MPP’s private members Bill.

  5. Hudak and his MPPs knew this bill didn’t have a chance. I have no doubt they would have been there if the NDP would have agreed to back this bill. AS long as the NDP continue to turn their backs on rural Ontario we are not going to get a moratorium.

    Sadly, in this Province there are the controllers and the controlled. Thanks for nothing NDP.

    • Chance or no chance they should have been there to vote. Now a message has been sent that 25% of PC MPPs won’t show support for a moratorium.

  6. Thank you to the citizens who attempted to speak out at Queen’s Park. Please consider reading “DIRTY BUSINESS The Reality of Ontario’s Rush to Wind Power.” ~ Jane Wilson, Editor

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