Legitimate reasons behind call for wind energy moratorium

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The residents of Port Granby have many reasons to be concerned. The chief medical officer of health’s report that you quoted was only a selective review of existing literature, and relies on many sources commissioned by the same industry that stands to profit from the thousands of wind turbines proposed for rural Ontario.

Her conclusion that there are no direct adverse health effects associated with wind turbines completely ignored the indirect health effects such as chronic sleep disturbances, headaches, tinnitus, dizziness, nausea and cognitive problems which are consistently documented in peer-reviewed articles from around the world.

She did not conduct any original research, or speak with any of the 150 or so residents of rural Ontario wind farms who have been pleading for help for years. Many have had to find alternate places to sleep, or have abandoned their homes altogether. This number doesn’t include the families who have entered contracts with wind developers and are bound by non-disclosure agreements not to speak about their experiences.

Recently, the Environmental Review Tribunal did conclude that wind facilities can cause harm to humans, if facilities are placed too close to residents, and it urged that further research be conducted to determine what restrictions are necessary to protect human health.

There are legitimate reasons why 80 Ontario municipalities, along with the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, are calling for a moratorium on wind development. The anti-wind movement that is raging throughout rural Ontario goes beyond NIMBYism or “simple opposition” as you stated. This is an uphill fight for our health and quality of life.

Heather Rutherford, Orono

5 thoughts on “Legitimate reasons behind call for wind energy moratorium

  1. McGuinty could cut a lot of money form our deficit by axing King’s job………..after all she doesn’t do anything but prop up a destructive group of Industrialist that are hell bent on destroying everyone’s health………….how crazy is that?

  2. Very well said, Heather Rutherford. I have been wondering how the Liberals and NDs can get away with misleading the public over and over again. How can they be taken to task? We sat in the gallery yesterday and had to put a sock in our mouths while they spewed misinformation ad nauseum. There must be some recourse, but I’m stumped. We can’t wait for an election – for many of us it will be too late.

  3. Well said Heather and If you don’t mind, I am going to use this information in a response email to Fiona Richardson who is the contact person for the Grand Bend Wind Farm. You see, she assures me there are no problems with health according to our illustrious Medical Officer of Health. I am requesting she come prepared to the ‘public consultation’ meeting with newer information other than the 2009 reports she had inher email!

    • Thanks. I am going to write more. The whole thing is making me appreciate what a lovely place I had just taken for granted ….. Not any more!

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