Standing-room-only as 300 pack Wind Turbine Townhall in Strathroy

Held March 12, 2012 sponsored by MPP Monte McNaughton

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2 thoughts on “Standing-room-only as 300 pack Wind Turbine Townhall in Strathroy

  1. Does someone have an after action reporting of this meeting? I hope that somebody thanked Mr McNaughton for his positive vote on Lisa Thompson’s motion for a moratorium on wind turbines…. and then proceeded to ask him why on earth it was that nine Conservative members INCLUDING LEADER TIM HUDAK didn’t even vote on it. If we can’t trust the Conservatives to take this issue seriously by going to bat for rural Ontarioans, who can be trusted?

    • Some MPPs think that rural ontarians will have no choice but to vote for them in the next election. Nothing can be further from the truth than this is. MPPs can be replaced prior to an election if their ridings lose confidence in them.

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