Energy critic slams act at Chatham-Kent Town Hall meeting – 225 in attendance

by Trevor Terfloth, Chatham Daily News
DEALTOWN — Ontario’s Green Energy Act has done little to address power issues, but could drastically impact the province’s finances in coming years, says the opposition’s energy critic. Vic Fedeli, Progressive Conservative Nipissing MPP, took part in a town hall meeting at Deer Run Golf Course on Tuesday. He said municipalities need to be given back control of wind project planning, noting it is ultimately the residents that suffer. Read article

2 thoughts on “Energy critic slams act at Chatham-Kent Town Hall meeting – 225 in attendance

  1. Work it! – Work it! – Work it!
    ‘[excerpt] Stuart McFadden, the municipality’s manager of business development,
    said nobody outside of Chatham-Kent should be making decisions about the community.

    He said there will always be strong opinions concerning wind energy and believes it’s important for residents to have their say.

    However, McFadden also defended the companies the municipality has dealt with.
    “The companies have worked very hard to work with us …
    to the extent that probably through the Green Energy Act they didn’t have to,” he said. “We’ve got a good relationship with them.”’

    Oops! Can’t find the ‘sustainability plan’.

    The Chatham-Kent Final Plan
    1. What is a Community Sustainability Plan?

    2.. As a ‘growing movement’….

    3. …..are not mandatory

    4. However, traditional definitions are often difficult to ‘implement’ – on the ground.

    5. The ‘establishment’ of a shared vision of what sustainability means;
    Chatham-Kent : pdf.4 (8 – 110)

    Note: Buy a hard copy at the municipal office!

  2. When a Municipal Councillor uses that terminology………………”outsiders can’t tell us what to do”…..type of rhetoric, he/she should be jumped on immediately. Similar stupid statements have been made up our way by a certain Council who told “us” to stay out of “their” business!………..the quick reply to him was “because of your ignorant and despicable actions all Townships surrounding you will pay the price!”……………………these idiots have to have their “ears trimmed back a bit!”

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