Anger palpable at Atwood meeting

By Donal O’Connor, Stratford Beacon Herald
ATWOOD — Speaking as a representative for Wind Concerns Ontario at a meeting here Wednesday, North Perth councillor Warren Howard cited a litany of problems with Ontario’s wind turbine regulations but he said his sense is that “we are making some progress.” People in the cities are starting to understand the province’s policy is costing money, he said. The key is getting urban people to understand. The need to bridge the rural-urban divide on wind turbines, a key producer in the province’s Green Energy Act, emerged as an overriding issue at the meeting attended by about 200 people from a broad sweep of southwestern Ontario. Read article

1 thought on “Anger palpable at Atwood meeting

  1. Indeed OFA is asking for a moratorium. However, that only applies to NEW projects. Since about 75% of southwestern Ontario is already REA approved how much will this actually help?

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