The “LibDem” coalition

by Chris Halliday, Orangeville Banner
Several Dufferin municipalities were served a windy feeling of defeat after a private member’s bill to place a moratorium on wind farms was rejected at Queen’s Park. On Thursday (March 8), Huron-Bruce Conservative MPP Lisa Thompson introduced a motion to suspend all wind projects until independent health and environmental studies are done. That bill, however, was shut down, as the Liberals and NDP “ganged up on us,” quipped Dufferin-Caledon MPP Sylvia Jones. “We call it the LibDem coalition,” Jones said, noting she was disappointed, but not surprised, by the result. “I can’t say that I was shocked.” Read article

5 thoughts on “The “LibDem” coalition

  1. Here are the sad facts. There was a total of 7 NDPs who voted against the motion and 10 who did not vote at all…. there were also 16 Liberals who didn’t vote. Of far bigger concern is the 9 Conseravatives who didn’t cast a vote INCLUDING THEIR LEADER. Here is the complete list of their names. Every one of these individuals needs to be contacted and publicly shamed except for Randy Hillier…. he was having surgery and not able to be anywhere near Queen’s Park.

    Michael Harris
    Randy Hillier
    Tim Hudak
    Frank Klees
    Jim McDonell
    Jane McKenna
    Norm Miller
    Peter Shurman
    Elizabeth Witmer

    • Norm Miller and Peter Shurman were absent for both votes. Anyone know if they had legitimate reasons?

  2. What?……..First Taubins having surgery and then Hillier too?………… foot in the mouth disease catching?
    Anyway, we can conclude that these idiots who didn’t attend that day are trying to “ride the fence” over Green Energy………………….they are worse than the ones who are publicly for or against!

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