Dalton McGuinty’s windmills blow away promised hospitals

by Kelly McParland, National Post
For those of you eager for updates on the Ontario government’s efforts to balance its budget without resorting to public prayer, there have been plenty of leaks, allowing for a sense of the planning going on at Queen’s Park. The latest revelations suggest that windmills are in (still) and hospitals are out. 

Noticeably absent from the belt-tightening so far is anything to do with the premier’s beloved alternative energy campaign, with its high-priced windmills, subsidized solar panels and ever-expanding domestic power bills. There is a hint that the premier will slightly reduce the extravagantly overpriced feed-in tariffs paid to the windmill industry, but otherwise the Liberal government will continue to pour in the money. In fact, according to a letter in the local Goderich Signal-Star, the government plans to turn much of the eastern shoreline of Lake Huron into one big wind farm: Read article

12 thoughts on “Dalton McGuinty’s windmills blow away promised hospitals

  1. Another idiotic move by McGuinty. Cut the
    $35 Billion infrastructure construction fund,
    which would create ‘real jobs’, in lieu of
    continued financing of his imaginary ‘green

  2. Wind power uses more concrete and steel per unit of energy generated than nuclear power. It kills more birds than oilsands tailings ponds. And it is so uneconomical it has to be 80% subsidized or more. It is the furthest thing from green, either in the environmental or the economic sense.

    • approx. 2 million pounds of concrete per industrial turbine foundation base.
      approx 1.8 million pounds of CO2 produced by the process of chemical curing.

    • to oldman,

      that is not an under statement , you are right on, the whole liberal party are nothing more
      than idiots, or are they, they are making a lot of money out of this as all liberal parties
      are into this huge scam, from the federal liberals to the provincial liberals, Read the Cloak of Green, written in the early 90’s. It was after all the NDP that bankrupt Ontario
      Hydro so why would the go against the PC party.

  3. I think McGuinty has a problem .. Not sure what it is, but I suggest he may be s substance abuser, or he has a legitimate mental disease, or both.. No sane person would even consider doing what he is doing to the people of this once great province..As food for though consider the fact the Germans thought Adolf Hitler was a godsend, at first..He had the people and the army eating out of his hand..The master pied piper.. His gestapo did his bidding, never questioning his motives, following his every wish and order.. And… we all know the outcome of that scenario !!! Whycan’t people see what McGoofy is doing to this province??? I really don’t get it !!!

  4. Maybe McGuinty has never visited Ont West Coast. His idea of a sunset probably is overlooking Hogs Back falls on the Rideau, or Queens Quay on Toronto harbour. A person like him could advertise the West Coast as, ignore the lake, watch the beautiful wind turbines turning; the state of the future built by Liberal vision and Ont tax dollars.

  5. McGuinty shares the same sick twisted vision as Gerretson does…………..two years ago Gerretson was interviewed by phone on CBC Radio and was on his porch at his home on the Bay looking at Wolfe Island and he said he was so pleased to look over at Wolfe Island and seeing the beautiful Wind Turbines blowing in the wind, saving the world. It made his heart sing……………….how messed up is that!…just shows you where their heads are at!

    • He is looking across the bay to Wolfe Island, not quite the same as living among the turbines. Still no cabinet minister that would consider IWTs next to their home. There is ample industrial space for turbines in Ottawa South, how about it Dalton?

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