Prince Edward County Winegrowers Association supports OFA

PECWA supports OFA call on government to suspend wind turbine development in Prince Edward County
The members of Prince Edward County Winegrowers Association have voiced their support of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture’s Position Statement on Industrial Wind Turbines released in January. Today a letter was sent to Premier Dalton McGuinty respectfully requesting that the province of Ontario suspend the development of industrial wind turbines in Prince Edward County Ontario until the conditions laid out in the OFA statement are met.

As the fastest-growing and second largest Designated Viticultural Area (DVA) in Ontario, there are over 30 wineries now open to the public. On average, these wineries produce less than 1,000 cases per year and do not sell through LCBO channels, relying on visitors to the County as their prime source of income. Prince Edward County (PEC) is one of Ontario’s top tourist destinations. Vacationers flock here from all over the world, in awe of the region’s natural beauty, Loyalist heritage and breath-taking scenery.

The proposed Ostrander Point and White Pines Wind Energy Projects which consist of 133-meter high industrial wind turbines, crane pads, foundations, substations, electrical lines and service roads pose a threat to the thriving ‘rural renaissance’ that has sprung to life in the County as the wine region has grown in reputation and numbers.

PECWA supports the municipal government’s economic development plan to attract new and appropriate businesses and small industry that are a suitable fit to our rural landscape. We believe that visitors who see the County for the first time in a positive light will return and set up residences or businesses here. The construction of large-scale industrial wind complexes seems counterintuitive to this plan.

Escalating concerns about industrial wind turbines have prompted the Ontario Federation of Agriculture to urge the province of Ontario to suspend further development until farm families and rural residents are assured that their interests are adequately protected.  PECWA shares these concerns and looks forward to a positive outcome.

Full OFA position statement on industrial wind turbines.

PECWA communication to the Ontario Government

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9 thoughts on “Prince Edward County Winegrowers Association supports OFA

  1. “respectfully requesting” leaves the receipient of any communication with the impression that he or she is the boss and the sender is weak. Telling or demanding implies strength.

    • I don’t disagree with you Barbara, but at least they did something. There is only one other organization at the county level which has also supported the OFA moratorium policy which I am aware of. They are dairy farmers, but I cannot remember from what county. Of course the OFA moratorium is ONLY on NEW projects, which exludes about 75% of the projects anyway.

    • Oh please Mr McGuinty, pretty please with a cherry on top …

      Just where the hell has PECWA been the last four years? Did it take that long to work up the courage to question Oh Noble Dalton’s IWT policy? Maybe PECWA should be marketing their wine under the “Dithers” label … maybe a bottle of “Better Late Than Never”, a nice, sweet red with a long slow finish.

      Anyway, as I told the pub staff at the Waring House: You serve the best meat loaf that Todd Smith and I ever had … but I won’t be coming back to PEC once the IWTs go up.

  2. PECWA supports OFA call on government to suspend wind turbine development in Prince Edward County

    Now we know – big deal!

  3. Well,I will drink to that support!..I mean who in hell is going to tour? if they do, then go back with the memory and the critisism that will follow,plus all the NON recommendation an Industrial Wind development with the pre advertised (alot of $$$$$$$$$ on promotion etc) tour of a life time and probably from abroad.
    Bye Bye wine industry and tourism and all the fun of the fair.
    McGuinty the job killer, DINK of rust belt and and and everything else….GGGrrrrrr

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