Turbine proposal unpopular in Clearview

by Michael Gennings, Simcoe.com
SINGHAMPTON – Skyway 124, on Thursday night, held its second open house regarding its plans to erect three wind turbines between Singhampton and Dunedin. And the sentiment among most residents remains the same: they don’t want turbines in their neighbourhood. Paul Briggs, who lives near where the turbines would be situated, was one of the many people who attended the open house at the Singhampton Community Centre. Read article

6 thoughts on “Turbine proposal unpopular in Clearview

  1. Councillor Measures thinks IWT technology is good? He needs to become informed about this horse & buggy technology and why it has had so little use down through the centuries. Given up as soon as better technology was developed.

  2. A lot of landowners are sorry they’ve signed leases. They weren’t told the truth by the head hunters looking for land. The info wasn’t just wasn’t as available just a few years ago. I hope they start to stand up for themselves. There are nasty things being done to them.

  3. I have personally read one of these leases by one of these carpetbagger companies, and I don’t know how anyone in their right mind could even consider signing one !!! It boggles the mind.. I doubt even a lawyer could figure it out let alone the common man,and agree with what it says The lease is all one sided, heavily slanted towards the company, and takes away rights of the landowner.. The landowner is handcuffed as to what he can do with his own property,for one.. A gag order is there also, to prohibit speaking about ANYTHING to do with the lease, or what they’ve signed…The list goes on and on..A very crafty, slyly drafted piece of garbage. this one was, and I’m sure there are others out there that are equally as bad, probably worse….It should be made mandatory that all landowners, before reading one of these, should have a competent lawyer read it, first..But then again, these carpetbaggers would never get to first base if that happened..These companies have made an art out of skulking around, behind people’s backs, slithering into a farm community like a bad disease, and inflicting their damage..They will continue to do this as long as the GEA is there, and the dictator that is pushing it is in power.. Everyone loves free money, and these faceless mindless, heartless corporations have figured it out that it’s easy to slurp from the public trough….’Nuff said ……

  4. The landowners here are not sorry that they signed leases ” Yet” .I say this because at council meeting last Monday evening when the developer was presenting an update on the project one farmer brought forth a petition with 265 signatures FOR wind turbines . They still don’t get it .
    Another farmer that signed said that he and his wife { she was against } drove to Bruce County to see the wind project there and” could not hear anything” . So much for research .
    The contracts here are leased for $50,000.00 per year per turbine .I would be so ashamed to have my name on that petition .Is that amount difficult to turn down ? Not if you value your community ,respect your neighbours health and property ,care for the environment ,value what legacy you wish to leave for your children and future generations and don’t wish to give up control to your land. Would I want to be even a minuscule part in contributing to the debt load of this once great province ? I would not sign .The signees did have legal representation here —– Their wish was his command .

    • CC, if you can get hold of the petition. Spend some time determining what the question was and if the names are actually real people. There are addresses, postal codes or telephone numbers of local people? How were the names collected? Maybe it’s legit, maybe not. In rural areas (not urban or in a town where the stupid things aren’t going to be placed), you would have to do some significant work to get 265 signatures if you took the time to canvass people. That would be some substantial geography to cover just to get a handful of signatures. Or, was it simply placed in a gas station on a main highway for three months and managed to get 265 signatures from people passing through?

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