Ottawa Citizen Editorial: Power supply and demand

Ottawa Citizen
Ontario’s revision of its wind and solar power program sounds good, superficially. The prices for both forms of green energy are down a bit and more weight will be given to community reaction, although Energy Minister Chris Bentley stopped short of allowing municipalities to say “no” to wind farms.

Unfortunately, the green energy plan requires more than a bit of tweaking. There are benefits to wind power, but there are also legitimate questions about the need for what will amount to a doubling of wind and solar capacity in just six years. None of that is reflected in the government document the energy ministry calls a review. It speaks only of a future in which Ontario leads in clean energy and tens of thousands of jobs are created. Read article

9 thoughts on “Ottawa Citizen Editorial: Power supply and demand

  1. Where does the Ottawa Citizen get the idea that there is value from Industrial Wind energy??? What value???? it doesn’t reduce the mining or burning of coal, it’s intermittent, unreliable, non-dispatchable, costly and it’s hurting PEOPLE and wildlife. What the H…LL!!! They acknowledge there are problems, BUUUUUTTTT we must still move forward with this cr…p!! What’s wrong with simply saying NOOOOOO!.

  2. The Ottawa Citiizen still is not informed and neither are the journalists on several other newspapers.
    They will become informed when they get a PINK slip due to the fact,The printing presses cannot continue to run due to outragous hydro prices,so bang goes another 20,000 jobs.
    IWT’s will be their long term memory reminder of what they didn’t see and still cannot see even if they stare them in the face at 500 ft tall and have been for over several years.

  3. Peter,can you call most of them journalists? Most do not investigate just regurgitate the mantra of the Lobbyist and Government as well as the views of the body that signs their cheque. Sun News in my opinion seems to have journalists that are at least trying to get it right in their reporting in not only this crisis but news in general.(I know main stream seem to have a hate on for them)I had almost given up on even listening to news until I stumbled on to their network. Perhaps if main stream media had done their research and reported we would not be so far down the path of destruction in Ontario.
    My fear however is even if we change government will it be any different or will it be politics as usual? Greed and corruption seems to be the real elephant in the room but so many people have fallen for the mantra these journalist pump out.

    • I was trying to be awfully polite to the profession………I think there are better writers and spellers (not me!)on the whole in the wind blogs/sites than most rags!
      I agree Sun Media is doing a pretty good job……….and a few others, I wonder what the hydro costs of printing presses are now?
      Anyone hazard a guess?

  4. The Ottawa Citizen is in the dark ages when it comes to this subject, as is a lot of media…

  5. What jobs? An internet search done by the MSM would reveal just how few permanent jobs are created by wind and solar to maintain them. The short term construction jobs are likely done by many of the same construction crews that move from installation job to installation job with a few needed locals to supply materials that can’t be shipped in.

  6. >>>>There are benefits to wind power….<<<< Since I can't think of even one contrived miniscule benefit, I had to stop reading at this point…..

  7. The Citizen has been solidly behing McGuinty and his green energy fantasies for a long time, this is a departure for them. Too bad they didn’t do some research last Oct.

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